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The Blood Moon Of July 2018 Will Affect These 3 Star Signs The Most

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by Conscious Reminder

Ending 2018’s hot and happening summer, we encountered two halfway obscuration of the great Sun and one aggregate lunar shroud of the Earth’s natural satellite.

These give new strength to our existence and basic leadership. On the 27th of July, a Blood Moon will be encountered as an aggregate lunar overshadowing. This means more fuming outbursts and aggressive tempers.

Certain signs will be more influenced than others by The July 2018 Blood Moon. Upholding to manage emotions during the Blood Moon might be more difficult for some in particular. Scroll down to see if your zodiac sign is in the list:

1. The Water-Bearer: Aquarius

Aquarius men and women are usually offbeat, eccentric and happy-go-lucky. But surmounting your designation, both Mars as well as the Moon are retreating and making your life more theatrical and Bollywood-like this season. Your sign may experience some extra stress due to the planet’s outer power aspecting Mars severely.
Meditation can help you cope with all the rage and dilemma that the Moon might bring forth.

2. The Sea Goat: Capricorn

As much as Mars is affecting the Blood Moon; it is going backwards to your sign. The Moon also has a shift from Capricorn to Aquarius which causes some dissimilarity. Unlike your usual bias towards sticking to fixed routes, you are likely to try out new methods.

Endeavour to let go and let be this season. Your innate inclination towards Earth is to organize your surroundings, but that can be a bit of a task this month.

3. The Lion: Leo

The Sun has its troupe at Leo while at Aquarius the Moon as well as Mars is. This being your birthday month you will feel some great vibes coming through. You might start wondering about your place and contribution to this planet which may worry you a little.

But, to your own rescue, Leos are great at executing what they plan. Having the odds in your favour, this is a great time for you to channelize all your energy into an affirmative form and nobody can barricade you from success.

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