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The Biggest Secret Of The Art Of Living

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

A teacher took his student to the park at the base of a mountain. In the park there was a complex labyrinth with big walls. The labyrinth didn’t have a roof so the sun rays illuminated the path. The teacher led the student in and told him to find his way out.

The student wandered around the labyrinth all day long and he still couldn’t find the exit. Every time he tried, he ended up in a dead alley. Desperate he couldn’t find his way out, he laid down on the ground and fell asleep.

At one moment he felt someone tapping his shoulder so he woke up. Standing over him, there was his teacher.

-Follow me, -said the teacher.

He got up and started following him, feeling ashamed he couldn’t fulfil his task. When they got out of the labyrinth, the teacher didn’t stop but carried on to climb the mountain. When he reached the top, the teacher said:

-Look down!

From their current perspective the labyrinth looked small enough to fit a hand.

Looking down, can you see the path that leads to the exit to the labyrinth? – the teacher asked his student.

-Well it doesn’t look that difficult now, – replied the student. – You just need to look closely.

-Find it and remember it well, – said the teacher.

After a while the climbed down and the student went in again and went through the labyrinth with confidence. Not even once he lost his way.

-The lesson you learned today is about one of the biggest secrets of the art of living, – said the teacher, meeting his student at the exit.

-The more you distance yourself from the situation, the more you rise above it, the bigger the surface you see and it’s always easier to see the solution.

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