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3 Surprising Reasons Why You’re Poor And How To Fix It

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

We all want to have a lot of money and be rich. Those people who say that they do not want to be wealthy probably lie or have certain messed-up and deep-seated mindsets and beliefs which limit them from wanting that. So, the time has come to repair all that.

For those of us that struggle with money, these three or just one of these three shocking reasons may be responsible:

We believe that the Universe/God/Source loves poor people and hates rich people.

We continue to act and think in ways which make us poor, although deep inside us we want to be rich, as we believe that the Universe/God/Source loves those who are poor, while hates those who are rich.

So, we try our best in order to stay in the present condition and situation, and we do not make efforts, as we do not want to be offensive towards the Universe/God/Source.

Every time we were presented with some opportunity to have our income increased, we brush that opportunity off as we are afraid that when we have more money, we will be farther away from the Universe/God/Source. However, it’s not like that, of course.

We have to remember that the Universe/God/Source loves people who are cheerful givers, meaning that having more money means giving more money to other people. If we don’t have money, we cannot give to others. That is some kind of selfish.

The money will not change us, but it will simply amplify the person we already are. If we are generous and kind before we become rich, we will become more generous and even kinder when we become rich. Those people who allow money to change them for the worst lack of self-discipline.

We do not give wisely.

Giving is not only about giving money. It is also about providing value. So, what value may we give to people in exchange for the amount of money we are going to receive?

Thinking about our earnings for each month or our net target when the year ends is not bad, but we have to pay more attention to the value we are able to give to others, as it is more important.

Giving wisely actually means combining wisdom and generosity. In fact, a lot of people always give and continuously give, while the one that receives only receives, and receives. The receiver is aware that the giver is consistently going to give, so he just sits, without doing something.

Before we give something away, we have to remember the quote of the famous philosopher named Lao Tzu, who said, “Give a man a fish, and he’ll eat for a day; teach a man to fish, and he’ll eat for a lifetime.

We do not feel rich.

Our feelings will have a significant effect on what we attract into our lives. And, it will be difficult to attract some money when we do not feel wealthy. How can we feel rich when we live in an environment which is “poor?” Well, we only have to utilize our creativity.

We might not have the ability to book rooms at expensive hotels yet, but we can definitely order water in a bottle at the lobby of the hotel while we eavesdrop on the affluent customers’ conversations, or we can simply walk around and “absorb” all the beauty from the things around us.

We might not have the ability to buy our dream car, but we can always go and test-drive our favorite one and even feel it like it is ours. We might post some pictures of everything we would like to have and buy; we could create our vision board and place it somewhere where we will be able to see it frequently.

Now that we finally discovered the main reasons why there are a lot of poor people and how we can turn everything around, it will be the time to begin our journey toward richness.

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