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Your Love Horoscope For October 2017. Check Out!!!

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When your ideas about yourself don’t line up with your actions, you know that you’ve fallen out of alignment with your soul. (How’s that for deep?)

October will be like the rest of 2017 in that it will be intense and challenging, bringing with it the opportunity to show up in new and more loving ways. Learn how to listen, Kitties. Open up and be here for other people’s experiences without weighing them against your own. Your relationships are being tested because we’re all being tested these days, so offer grace tempered with direction: People get to be off, but don’t let them mistreat you. As we enter into autumn and the days get shorter, there’s not enough daylight with which to suffer fools.

March 21–April 19

Everybody knows that you’re a fighter, but now is the time that the Universe wants you to be a lover too. Emotions are turned up for you as the full Harvest Moon in your sign on the 5th brings up serious identity issues. Be willing to investigate your feels instead of flying off the handle to fix them; you’re not likely to find clarity when you’re in a fit of emotion. Honor your heart without losing your head. Be especially careful of this around the 15th, when you’re likely to say things that you don’t mean.

April 20–May 20

When Jupiter, the planet of risk and reward, enters your relationship house on the 10th, things are going to get interesting, Taurus. Contrary to popular belief, the planet Jupiter doesn’t bring us good luck—it brings us extra luck. Instead of seeking more dates, more power, and more attention, strive to get the highest quality version of those things. The best way to exact excellence from your life is to first bring it to the table: Take risks in the name of love, and leave the pettiness to the other signs. Happiness is yours for the taking; you just need to prioritize it above all other distractions—even the delicious ones.

May 21–June 21

It’s OK to be annoyed, even if it’s not fun. What currently bugs you is likely to be your greatest teacher, Twin Star. How you spend your time is important; if you’ve gone on autopilot lately, you can expect to be confronted with what is and isn’t working in your life this month. You may need to change your habits or look at your work life for the source of your agitation. See things as they really are so that you can proactively change them into something better. The path to a life you love is paved with appropriate choices and healthy compromises. Take the time to treat yourself right.

June 22–July 22

It’s totally natural to get defensive when upsets happen, even if it’s not that productive. Strive to stay present as waves of emotion crash in this month. The full moon on the 5th is likely to stir the pot in your relationships, and how you react will have long-term consequences. Even if this isn’t fun, it’s not meant as a punishment either, Moonchild. Be open to seeing things from another perspective and your relationships will benefit from the exercise, I promise. Seek peace, not power or proof of how right you are (even if you’re totally right). Your relationships need your most compassionate self, my love.

July 23–August 22

There’s so much happening in the world around you that this is a great time to complete projects, but it’s actually an even better time to chill at home. Jupiter moves into your home and family sector on the 10th, and this makes it an ideal month for you to invest in your personal life, Leo. Whether you do this by cute-ifying your place or by cultivating your relationship to your home or your fam (or hey, your chosen family), great headway can be made for you this month. Lay the foundations for sustainable happiness, my love.

August 23–September 22

It may be tempting to try to avoid more change, but it’s not wise. It’s intimidating to transform the attitudes and dynamics in life that are ingrained in your habits, even if they don’t work for you. The full Harvest Moon on the 5th is a time for letting go, Virgo. You don’t need to know what’s in the future to let go of your past. This isn’t the time to plan your future as much as it is to clean out your luggage. If you don’t want to carry your old and outworn crap with you into the future, you need to let it go in this present moment.

September 23–October 22

Your relationships are likely to be a source of intensity this month, but that’s not a bad thing, Libra. It’s time to face facts: If you’ve been unhappy or disengaged from the people you love, it’ll be hard to keep phoning it in. The full moon on the 5th in your relationship house is an opportunity to see things as they really are and make necessary adjustments. If you don’t do it around then, you may find yourself caught up in pettiness, power struggles, and a mess of hurt feelings this month. After the 17th, you’d better be ready to be honest and direct, or you may find that people make up their own narratives—and that will make you crazy.

October 23–November 21

Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, is back in your sign on the 10th, after 12 long years. This is fantastic news for you! The energies at hand will support you in moving situations forward that have been stuck and healing what feels broken. The only warning is this: More is not necessarily better, Scorpio. Jupiter can inspire you to date more jerks and make so pretty questions decisions if that’s what you chose to do. Prioritize your happiness and make sure that if you get what you want, it’ll actually be good for you, my love.

November 22–December 21

Instead of avoiding what’s hard, let the very things that bug you be your inspiration. Don’t feel connected to your fam? Try asking heartfelt questions about what’s going on for them. Overwhelmed by the city? Plan to spend a day in the park. Stop waiting around for people to get on board with what you want to do, and take steps to make it happen, ‘Tarius! Look to the ways that you’ve been participating in the very things that are bumming you out, and let that ignite the fire inside of you that you need to make real change.

December 22–January 19

It may feel like your self-control is getting tested, but really your challenge is to harness compassion in moments of duress and let your actions flow from there. This month will come with its fair share of interpersonal struggles, but also with a meaningful opportunity. Real power doesn’t come from dominance; it comes from being able to collaborate with others without losing your center. The greater mindfulness you bring to your interactions with others, the better equipped you’ll be to act in ways that reflect your integrity, not your situation. Show up with your best self, and let others reveal what they’ve got this month.

January 20–February 18

You may be tempted to lash out and say things you can’t take back but wish you could. You want freedom, but it shouldn’t come at any price, my love. This is an important time to make sure that your choices are aligned with your convictions—or you’ll end up feeling frustrated by what you get. You don’t need to have everything packaged up for others in order to present it: Talk out your feels without an agenda or quick fix in mind. Strive to build intimacy by including others in your process, instead of informing them of it after the fact.

February 19–March 20

Focusing on what you don’t have won’t help you get what you want, Pisces. When you give too much attention to what you lack, your repetitive attention to it can become an unconscious reinforcement of it. Spend energy aligning yourself with what you’ve got going for you. When you start feeling obsessed with what you feel you’re missing, create a gratitude list, or simply name off some of the things you can authentically appreciate. There is always somebody who would be grateful for your problems. Manifest the conditions you desire by first connecting with the abundance of what you’ve already got, my love.

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