Ten Telling Signs You Are Experiencing Spiritual Awakening

by Conscious Reminder

It might be difficult to believe, but we are not only physical creatures. We have infinite power and wisdom within ourselves.

Now, it is time to use all the information and knowledge that is accessible, to bring this infinite power to the surface. At the same time, we will discover our existence’s truth.

These ten spiritual awakening signs will give us the confidence, inner strength, and courage to overcome all the insecurities, fears, and physical limitations of the body. Thus, we can awaken the inner Spiritual Self.

1. You Tend To Act And Think More Spontaneously

You do not like to force things into being, which the majority of people do, basing them on past experiences and fear. Rather, you let things happen naturally as you trust in life’s flow.

2. Enjoying Life’s Every Moment

This is an ability that is always noticed and unmistakable. Your life is perpetually grounded in deep gratitude and profound love for all. You have full awareness of the surrounding beauty as you love everything that exists.

3. No Interest To Judge Yourself And Others

You have lacked any interest to be so judgmental. Somewhere, along the line, you have seen and heard too much to get even a bit of joy from passing judgments.

4. No Interest In Interpreting Others’ Actions

Someone wise had said rightly that analyzing is an intellectual act, but it is violent. We are perpetually moving and shifting between states. But you are no longer confused by a person’s state. As such, you do not need to interpret or analyze what others are doing.

5. No Longer Interested In Confrontation And Conflict

You have lost all interest in proving that your views are correct and that others are wrong. You have higher goals in your life now. You know that proving others to be wrong serves no one. In fact, it only increases unnecessary confrontation and chances of a conflict.

6. You Hardly Ever Worry Anymore

You do not see a reason for worrying any longer. You know that everything is perfect, or that everything is going to be alright. You have tried worrying till you found a solution but never got one. So now, you have realized the futility of the action.

7. You Frequently Find Yourself Appreciating Life

Love is overflowing in your heart. So, often, you cannot help yourself and end up appreciating life’s perfection and beauty. It can be anything from the smallest blade of grass to a person you meet after a while.

8. You Feel Deeply Connected

You feel like your connection to others, the Self, and God is very deep. It is anything but superficial. Others may find this confusing, but it just comes naturally to you. Besides, you are past thinking about what others think of your actions. You know what you do is appropriate.

9. You Smile A Lot

And by a lot, we mean a lot. You smile from the time you open your eyes during the morning. You smile at the reflection that is in front of you in your mirror. You are smiling as you take your stroll on the roads. You do it when you are doing chores, your work, or any other activity. This is not a forced positivity smile. This is a smile that comes from your inner true happiness, and the love you have for life.

10. Your Love Is Deep

This is spiritual awakening’s last sign. Your love does not come with any conditions, and you can love everything. The personification of love is you. If one can see love acting, then that is you. Moreover, this immense love that wells from your heart has a healing nature. It heals you, your entire life, and the entire world too.

So, how many of them are present in you? Let us know.  

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