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Surviving The Night As An Empath: Here’s How To Get Your Sleep Back

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by Conscious Reminder

“To perceive is to suffer.” ― Aristotle

Empaths have seen the darker side of life and known suffering, loss, and struggle but have found their way out of the depths. They have lived their life more for others than for the self.

Nothing weighs down an empath more than compassion. Even their own pain doesn’t weigh as heavy as the pain they feel for others. They have to be strong enough to love the world and then learn to endure its worst horrors.

It is for these reasons that an empathetic person has to recuperate sufficiently to preserve their sanity. They need to consciously process uncomfortable emotions that they are confronted with each day. They crave seclusion.

Absorbing the despair and sorrow of others they interact with, can be exhausting and at the end of the day, an empath is confused which feelings are his own and which ones are absorbed from someone else. This ultimately affects the sleep pattern of the empath.

The past always has an emotional bearing on the present mental condition of an individual. And when it is about empaths, their reactions can be staggering. Negative emotions tend to take hold and fear and panic ultimately lead to paranoia.

The empaths are emotionally scarred by the need to handle such intense emotions. These continuous periods of high-stress lead to a period of lack of sleep, a poor diet, and a disturbing relationship.

This, in turn, exerts a high and unreasonable demand on the adrenal glands. They help in our stamina and concentration and also help us react to pressure. But over-stimulation of these glands leads to barriers in our sleep.

These envelopes us in a vicious cycle and we tend to be drained in the day. Consuming stimulating foods to compensate also has its drawbacks.

The adrenal gland produces cortisol which ensures a sound sleep pattern. But when this gland is drained, you can still be tired after sleeping for 8 hours. With the disruption in the function of these glands, fatigue and anxiousness sets in. The heart and blood pressure are also affected adversely.

Repairing the damage to the adrenal glands take time and effort. But short time changes can be affected by the following methods:

1. To Bed After Meditation

Controlling thoughts that drain you could be the beginning of your cure. You must meditate your thoughts away from the past into the present. With time and practice, you will learn to control your thoughts

2. Balance Your Actions And Thoughts

Start early, have a positive view, and do some light exercises. It will improve your sleeping patterns and control the adrenal glands from overstimulation.

3. Wholesome Diet

Keeping to a healthy and wholesome diet can boost and nurture our adrenal glands.

4. Family Time

Family time is essential. Being surrounded by people close to you helps immensely in getting rid of stress.

5. Tackle Your Stress

Identify the problems that are causing stress and try to address it as best as you humanly can. This could be your turning point in your fight to tackle that issue.

Practice these 5 steps and we are sure you will have a good night’s sleep from now on!

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