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Coming To Terms With The Elusive Path Of Enlightenment

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The path towards enlightenment is not an easy one. But then, why does it attract us? It’s simple- enlightenment eludes us and the more it eludes, the more it attracts. It will be a painful path to walk on.

There will be dark tunnels – there will be stormy nights. While sense of humor will help you get past the most troubling times, it’s not enough.

You have to accept the pain and learn from it. Maybe, it will bring you a sudden awakening. Here is some of the ways you can come to terms with the elusive quality of enlightenment:

1. Surrender

One of the most important things to do when you are on the path of enlightenment is surrender to the path completely. Remember, it will burn you but you can rise like a phoenix.

It will push you out of the commodore zone but that is necessary- that’s what will make you realize something new. Maybe teach you something too.

Plunge in the fire, be molded like iron. Those who take the safe path never grow. But those who go down the path of fire and turmoil come out rough and full of wisdom.

2. Embrace it

As you move forward in this path, you will feel the resisting force too. Remember, force is impacted by an equal opposing force. The cosmos will keep rubbing you the wrong way. You won’t like it – it will be uncomfortable.

But the more difficult it becomes, the more luster you gain. You are getting polished by the cosmos and parts of you are getting trimmed. It will hurt, but you will shine in the end.

3. Take the pressure

Pressure might sound stressful. You feel it coming down on you, physically and mentally. But pressure is good for you.

It calibrates your life and makes your mind sharper. We are all susceptible to whims and delusions – pressure smooths it all out. Diamond is always formed under pressure, remember.

4. Become sharper

A wound is the knowledge that you have gone through something and it has taught you something as well. A scar shows an experienced person – a sailor with some hidden truth in his weary eyes.

Wounds authenticate your knowledge. They give you the courage to express yourself and the strength which says, ‘I’ve faced this, I can face more. Nothing can stop me.’ It’s true – nothing can.

Be polished and strong – become enlightened! It might be hard but it’s worth it.

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