Fear Not When, Fear Not Why… It’s Life

Earth’s best kept secret is on the verge of being exposed. Today many things are happening and changing as humanity is getting ready to embrace a crystalline form and move away from the 3rddimension. 

Life is the greatest gift that is given, your heart receives the loving energy of life with gratitude and appreciation, as you know deeply the flow that moves through you is source.

Fountains of feelings are arising through every cell and every atom as they resonate with the crystal soul illumination. These new energies are allowed to each of us as we believe. Each person may join the flow, and flow with the gathering of energy. For ages the fountain of enlightenment has been pouring out to each spirit in existence and experience.

It is the judgment that holds you back, from yourself, from friends, and all who you separate yourself from. All this knowledge has been given before and your mind is receptive to what you want believe and expect to be real. Each person holds all possibilities whether they are of dark or of light. This world is illusion and you are awakened into telepathic clear sentient oneness.

We all know that love is a connective force and that which brings both people and things together. Love is always being given in waves of truth, wisdom and power. You are clear, wise, thoughtful, and passionate. Embrace the enlightening energies all around you and become the shining one.

Waves of truth are steady and constantly ascending and bringing the flow of divine source. Barriers of judgment, thoughts of darkness, and feelings of fear are forgiven and released as the power of truth comes from celestial oceans in this hour.

Within your heart and on this small planetary jewel in the infinite ocean of being, safety is found in silence and peace. All is given to you and all of your family. Ask that you may know how to forgive.

In these times many have become lost and are scared of the ways of truth. Some have become frightened and run to the corners of the earth holding onto finite resources in fear of equality, light, and abundance for all. Those who have taken up power positions strike out of weakness, scream out of pain, and attack in hopes of hiding their confusion and despair.

Send the world your love, as we have all been given birth to live, and join with the family of love. By the giving of your love to others you are able to experience being in love and bliss.

The crystalline reality is ready and waiting for all who are ready to experience it. Many are gripped by fear and asking why this is all happening to them. The loss of material things or the loss of spiritual guidance and relationships. Others are asking when the “end of days” scenario is going to play out as they sit in waiting.

All current economic and geopolitical moves are being played as the last hand has been dealt and the game of duality is ending. Current events are happening for the growth of humanity, many still need to see that ascension is unfolding right now within their lifetime in order to move on and evolve.

What may be experienced as the darkest hour is always followed by the rising sun and the breeze of new life.

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