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25 Signs Which Indicate You Need To Let Go Of The Past And Move On With Your Life

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You can’t have a better tomorrow if you’re thinking about yesterday.Your past might have been wonderful. The memories you made might be irreplaceable and full of magic. No matter how powerful they feel, though, your memories are just that. They are ghosts of the good times, and can not compare to living in the real thing.



1. You’re tired of trying to “make it work”. This can apply to a job, a relationship, or an overly demanding schedule. It’s time to reevaluate.

2. You’ve stopped trying to grow. Instead, you’re putting all of your energy into trying to maintain.

3. You feel isolated.

4. You are constantly sacrificing and compromising. You see little or no payoff in return.

5. You’ve stopped trying to find yourself. You no longer attempt to build on to your sense of identity.

6. You feel misunderstood. The people around you do not have a strong sense of who you truly are.

7. You’re neglecting the people who care about you. You spend all of your time and energy trying to hang on to something that’s slipping away.

8. You keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again.

9. You hold on to the same memories that you did several months ago. They replay in your head like a broken record. Each time, you search for deeper layers of meaning and detail.

10. You feel restless. You are often bored.

11. You do not feel respected by your partner or co-workers.

12. You are waiting for someone to make a drastic change. Stop. Start living as if you knew they never would.

13. You cry more frequently than you laugh.

14. You no longer seek out new challenges. You have slipped into complacency.

15. You often find yourself making choices that do not reflect your personal sense of ethics.

16. You feel trapped. You dream about having more freedom in your life.

17. You often wonder how your life ended up this way. You expected so much more.

18. Your ambitions no longer feel possible.

19. Change feels too scary, so you avoid it at all costs.

20. You do not feel valued.

21. You pretend to be much happier than you are. Your demeanor does not reflect the way that you feel inside. You often feel as though you are wearing a mask.

22. Life isn’t as much fun as it used to be. Don’t write this off as a part of growing up. Responsible adults should experience joy, too.

23. Your lifestyle does not reflect your core beliefs and priorities.

24. Your sense of curiosity has gone dormant. You rarely ask questions anymore.

25. You are perpetually exhausted. Your career, relationships, and lifestyle leave you feeling emotionally drained.

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