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Mars Travels In Pisces: Enthusiasm & Wanderlust

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by Conscious Reminder

Mars, which is the planet warrior, has shifted from the sign of Aquarius, in which it was for the last six months period.

At the moment, being in the sign of Pisces, the planet is entering in a square point with the planet Jupiter in the sign of Sagittarius.

As it has a huge and influential role in the Full Moon which will be on the 23nd of November in the sign of Gemini, the square of Mars and Jupiter may initiate enthusiasm and recklessness too.

Going throughout the sign of Pisces, the warrior planet is susceptible to wanderlust.

The week ahead can actually be particularly tricky in using and harnessing the passion and excitement of people towards some particular target or cause.

This Full Moon, occurring in the sign of Gemini, and happening tomorrow, on the 22nd of November, is only going to exacerbate the tendency.

However, the surge of making changes can actually be helpful in shifting your focus to examine possibilities in your blind spots.

You should also take into consideration the necessity of taking more courses of action during the week.

However, you should use the wisdom of the retrograde of the planet Mercury, which is going to suggests you to do some more research, as well as ask some critical and evaluative questions before you leap.

If you really want some particular realization or outcome right now, you are going to find the current week unbelievably frustrating.

But, you should also take in consideration this period as a one for discovering your choices and options which you were not even aware of having. You should also be more sensitive to the environment, as well as cautious with the use of force and willfulness.

The square of Mars and Jupiter is going to give you the illusion of unlimited good fortune and luck or power too.

In real life, defined limitations actually exist, so I suggest you don’t push your good luck that far.

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