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The Pain Of Realizing That He Wasn’t Your Soulmate After All

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

My biggest mistake was falling for him, feeling that I have found my soulmate. I hoped he was my knight in shining armor, just me and him against the world, dancing away into the sunset and everything will be alright.

I could sense an intense link between us and I was convinced that he was the light of my life. Nothing seemed as right as loving him every day.

My whole world revolved around him. I painted a future with him, carefully planned out and dreamed because I knew I would spend the rest of my life with him. Being with him was as easy as breathing, it was as important as well.

Our relationship was so spontaneous and effortless. His attention was always on me, making me feel special and desired and he was the center of my Universe. Together we loved each other so much that we were an example for the rest of the world.

His love kept me alive, gave me hope and relief, and was the sole thing I needed in order to flourish. Each moment spent with him was the most beautiful moment of my life and everything seemed perfect.

When we met each other and decided to get into a relationship, I believe we both wanted it a lot; we both had high expectations from it. We knew in our hearts that we were very compatible. However as all good things do not last forever, our relationship also started facing obstacles after a few months.

We were always arguing about something or the other, never happy with each other and that really affected us. The love we felt for each other turned into anger and disappointment, the intense passion we shared turned into something negative and unwanted.

However despite all the conflict, I never thought he will leave me. I was proved wrong and left broken hearted when he suddenly left, severing a relationship built on trust and love, simply because he did not believe in us anymore.

He felt relieved to be separated from me, escaping a disaster that I had wreaked in his life. He did not even give me an opportunity to make things right, did not have the patience or desire to rectify where we went wrong. He chose to run away from me, without a goodbye, like he was not there in my life in the first place.

I often punish myself for believing in him, for thinking he is my soulmate. I know I don’t deserve to be treated this way but I can’t help but feel that it was entirely my fault. Had he truly been my soulmate he would have worked with me to save the relationship and not leave me without any reason. Moreover, such a toxic situation wouldn’t have arose has he been the one. A soulmate would have stayed with me through thick and thin.

Although he isn’t my soulmate, I loved him with my entire being and was so blind that I missed all the warning signs. I didn’t see any bad in him and desperately wanted him to be my soulmate.

Being betrayed in love is too painful and unbearable. It feels like your entire body is burning, poison raging through your veins and pricking at your soul. When your lover walks away from you, he walks away with your heart in his hand, ripped apart, leaving behind an aching hole.

I wish he actually cared about me. I wish he didn’t treat me cruelly after giving him my soul. It’s terrible to fall for the wrong guy but no matter what; I will always stand tall.

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