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May 2017: Massive Energy Update

by consciousreminder

By Rebecca Dawson

If you have managed to relieve yourself of any internal desire to be a survivor, then for you this period is very interesting because it is about learning what to do with water if you are not just trying to survive within it! 

Because this is akin to a human who has been drowning in the ocean and doing everything that they can to stay afloat suddenly realising that the ocean carries them.  So then you must find a different purpose for your existence because your existence is no longer about resilience, and it is no longer about survival.  What are you actually going to do with the vast body of consciousness that you find yourself in?  What are you going to do with the ocean? Because before all you were doing was trying to survive within it.

Now you can perhaps begin to realise that you are surrounded by a body of consciousness (or ocean) and that this is now about navigating it.  Navigation is really what 2017 is going to be about for you.  It won’t be for long, because by the time you get to mid 2018/2019 it is going to be about commanding the ocean and actually getting it to work for you.  But this period is about navigation and allowing yourself to get into a position where you start to dictate direction.  That is what navigation is.  It is about finding your way by setting your sights and actually moving towards something.  Now we immediately see the question of “well how do I do that if I don’t know what to move toward?  Agree?

Well let us begin with this.  When you are navigating on the seas the only thing you really have to look towards is the sun or the stars, and at the moment you have been seeing that there are clouds obscuring the stars – but you do still have the sun.  And so the sun for you is your direction at this time.

Allow the openness of enthusiasm and the openness of that internal state of stimulation be your compass toward the setting sun. 

Now if there is ever a moment where there is something that stirs within you and you feel stimulation you can be sure that you are on course. So this year is about following the signs of stimulation, following the internal navigation, the internal drive because you actually no longer rely on “egoic” drive.  You no longer rely on “egoic” determination, you no longer have a subconsciousness mental construct that is propelling you in the direction of your dreams because it is not there anymore.  

So in other words you don’t have a map, and if you don’t have a map you don’t have a reason for even navigating…particularly when you are in the position where you are out in the middle of the ocean but you don’t really feel like you are lost.  For most humans that are out in the sea of consciousness, mental construct gives them a map and they use the map and navigate to get somewhere else altogether: to get off the ocean and to get onto land. But you realise that you don’t belong to the land – you belong to the consciousness, so your mind is no longer furnishing you with a map because you have got no reason to leave.  Most humans are only looking to progress so ultimately they can leave.  This is not about progression anymore and because you are no longer furnished with a map this is about listening to the internal rhythm and moving toward the sun.  

Now there is no reason for you to move at all unless that inner stimulation starts to come up within you, because once the inner stimulation starts all you need to do is drift in that direction (and there will be times when it drops again and you will sit floating in the ocean until you get the next inner stimulation), but you will find that it will not be about subject and it will not be about mental stimulation because there is nothing you are really interested in at this time – agree?  And it will not be about what is it that you want to achieve. 

The sun will come in the form of people this year because 2017 is when you will look for the light in others to show you which way to go.  Nothing is likely to interest you more than the fascination with other people, and it is likely a long time since you have been fascinated with anybody because it is difficult to become fascinated with others when they are so busy just trying to follow their own maps!  But this year you are going to come across people who have also put down their map and therefore are highly accessible to you because there is nothing that you enjoy more than diving into another’s energy.  The difficulty is that you haven’t been able to find the interest anywhere, haven’t been able to find any kind of excitement but you will find it in other people this year. 

2017 is not about finding propulsion and then anchoring yourself to build something.  That is not what this is about. It is about is discovering how movement works and discovering how propulsion works because propulsion (you will come to understand) does not require personal effort and it does not require intention or purpose.  All it requires is the internal desire to engage via stimulation.  And it will also necessitate that stimulation occurs on many levels for you because there have been levels where you have allowed yourself stimulation and levels where you have denied yourself stimulation and we are in particular referring to your physical state because your physical state you have not allowed yourself stimulation and this leads us into your next question.  

You may ask us “why is it that my body is not concerned with stimulation?” 

A certain amount of stillness has been required in order to completely recalibrate your cells so that you can actually put your map down and allow your cells to begin directing you again. Also a certain amount of consolidation which is what a lot of the separation for you is about, because it was about allowing your physical unit to be completely isolated so that it could only take internal reference and you could let go of the map.  Especially when you have other people and other physical experiences come into you – they are very easily adopted by the programs in the cells. If you are going through a period of release of all the programs in the cells, you do not want a lot of physical engagement because they are external reference points that can reprogram the cells again even though you are busy deprogramming them.  So it is a little bit like being in quarantine as you are not wanting too many external reference points to interrupt your deprogramming.  

Although as you move into this year particular from April/May onwards you are going to find that you are going to be requiring new stimulation to bring about new programming.  Now the new programming is not going to come externally like it has done previously.  The new programming is going to be elicited from internally which means that you will not be able to have any influence on your body from external sources so it doesn’t matter what you eat or drink or what you do to you body physically it is not going to make a lot of difference as you will be in the space where it will only be about what your internal stimulatory state is that will determine how your body responds.  So what you realise that coming into April and May when your body starts to really move into a highly stimulated state the programming starts to come up from within the body and out through the cells and your body starts replaying a new program, therefore the way in which your body is physically appearing will change, your tastes will change and the level of physical strength within your body will be invigorated.  You know that you are waiting for the new programs to kick in instead of trying to manage it externally because when you are in quarantine you don’t want to introduce anything that has already been in the system.  

When the stimulation is there everything starts to shift, and when the stimulation comes it is not just about mental and emotional stimulation it is also about physical stimulation – they all happen together.  What you are trying to do now is or what has been suggested to you is that if you get yourself physically stimulated everything else will become stimulated as well but this is a top down process, it doesn’t work in your energy field so this is about getting the internal stimulation first which then affects the mental, emotional and physical.  

What you are waiting for a is a new cue, a new signal for everything to start to come back online and come back online together.  Because the difference is this (and pay attention please) – what most humans are doing when they are addressing the physical is having a limited affect on all the other aspects of Self.  So there are many who are in peak physical condition but are psychologically, emotionally or mentally not where they would like to be.  But what we say to you  is that when you work in the reversal and you allow the stimulation to come from within all of those different aspects of you, all the different levels of your reality all work to the same rhythm which means that if the program is coming from consciousness it affects the physical, emotional, mental and psychological together and they all start working to the same rhythm which means there is no longer a disparity between how each of the different aspects of your experience are working. 

Let us give you an example of the closest thing you have had in that experience – the closest thing humans have to that experience is the feeling of falling in love because when a human falls in love everything coincides to the same program.  So the emotional, physical, mental and psychological all come online together and everything works seamlessly.  Now that is the closest that humans have been able to come to experience it which is why humans become so addicted to relationships: the only way they have been able to experience the internal alignment and the internal stimulation aligning everything up is through falling in love.  However, when you have had the experience that you have experienced when you know that consciousness is ‘that’ and you know that it is available at all times you do not require a situation of falling in love to have that alignment, you simply require the knowing that that is what you are.  So in response to a physical ailment you would go into that place and activate the stimulation and everything becomes aligned.   

 2017 is about learning to manoeuvre with that stimulation.  It is learning to follow the stimulation and by the time you get midway through 2018 to 2019 you are going to become so good at it you are going to be able to do it in any moment. There are experiences coming in 2017 that are akin to falling in love, because you start to feel that stimulation and you start to feel consciousness arising and all of your different bodies start aligning.  There will be a lot about relationships this year because relationships traditionally for humans have been the avenue to this kind of stimulatory experience.  However, it is very important for you to know that your stimulatory experience is about what is arising internally, not about the relationship itself.  

The stimulatory experiences necessarily mean you learn to navigate the sea, agree?  So therefore distance will be traversed, so there is distance and movement involved, because you know that you have been in one place for far too long. 

You have been in quarantine, and you are almost at the end of this now and this is about making yourself available in the ocean and watching for the sun. In truth that is why you came here.

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Kelly G May 13, 2017 - 3:59 am

I swear the stuff i been reading here and elsewhere for the last 8months are speaking directly to me!!! Guiding me, answering questions ive thought/asked to spirit//god/universe!! Thissss is Intense!!! I love who i am now!! Thanks you guys for posting everything you do, you’re helping my process!! Blessings, love and light!!

Noelle May 15, 2017 - 11:34 pm

Thank you for this amazing article. I HAVE BEEN in quarantine but did not have a name for it. I am going to print his and re read it as once just won’t suffice! Heart felt gratitude.


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