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Is Your Cassandra Complex Making You Feel Invisible?

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by Conscious Reminder

The community of spiritual-psychic people tends to acknowledge intuition and messages sent by channelers as another form of information and guidance.

People dealing with spirits often feel attracted to the old archetype.

Cassandra Complex gets inspiration from this community. The people who suffer from this, believe that they are able to predict the future.

On the other hand, they are not able to control or change it. They undergo flashes of the future and make predictions accordingly.

Cassandra was one of the many daughters of Hecuba and Priam and a princess of Troy according to Greek mythology.

She was considered beautiful and believed to possess the gift to foretell the future. However, she was also cursed since nobody believed her and considered her mad.

For instance, nobody believed her when she predicted the fall of Troy. Instead, she was imprisoned. Later she became a priestess in Apollo’s kingdom and maintained a chaste life till death.

Cassandra Complex And The Myth of Invisible Women

This Greek myth led to the coinage of the term Cassandra Complex. However scientific knowledge has resulted in empiricism and rationality that tends to overlook the non-rational and imaginative visions humans are capable of.

Women have always been seen as weak and submissive and their voices suppressed. Cassandra Complex reveals the patriarchal working through time and space that has successfully managed to silence the voices of women by calling them crazy.

Women have always been expected to lead their life in utter silence. As a result, whenever they gathered the courage to speak, they would be ruthlessly silenced.

The myth of Cassandra shows how they have been treated as commodities for centuries and imprisoned for voicing their beliefs and opinions. The abilities of women have always been thwarted by great men.

Nonetheless, women have fought for centuries and earned their position in society as intellectually and politically capable beings. Their voices are now being recognized through media power.

The Cassandra phenomenon unwittingly represents the mechanisms of the patriarchal world that are deaf to the inner powers of the strength of women.

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