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The One Secret That Will Help You Live The Best Life You Can Imagine

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

We all want to live our best lives possible. We all want to just wake up in the morning and feel fantastic about our lives, our bodies, our jobs, our children, or our accounts in the bank, and so on. We all want to live those lives we have ever imagined and dreamed to live so badly.

However, on the journey of manifesting the lives which we want, we can sometimes fall in the hands of our shizz and even forget the most significant principle, which is being, doing or having, every single thing we want.

When we really wish to become the super attractors and even get everything that we want, the trust and oldest way to get there is by helping. But, to get everything we want, we need to give something.

Giving is the way in which we start the process of receiving. When we want to desire more live in our lives, we should also give some love to others. When we desire self-confidence, we should help others to gain more confidence.

When we desire to be much stronger, we have to help others become even stronger. When we want to have more money, we have to give to others too. Everything that we desire to have will come to us only when we help others to get what they want.

We are the influential creators of our own reality. This world may be everything that we desire it to be, so everything starts in our mind. The shift in our mindset is going to change radically about how life, people or the world generally respond to us and even receive us.

We have to make our mindset to work for us. When we know that in order to receive we first need to give, would we like to do it? Or, are we going to continue sitting on the side and be the same?

We should give what we need or what we also want. What we give to other people, we give to ourselves too, and it will take somehow multiple.

We should not do anything with having the intention on our mind to get something in return. We should give freely, without expectations. Although it is a fantastic manifesting tool, people are not supposed to give with the intention to get anything in return.

We should all live in this way as it is something that human beings do, as we would like to offer help to our sisters and brothers, or bring peace, joy, love, prosperity, health and even opportunities into their lives.

Because, giving is going to make us feel better or also help other people feel good, inspiring them to keep such feelings inside them.

As we said, the side effects of giving to others will be receiving in return. However, our intention needs to be about giving or serving from something useful and helpful for others, and not about receiving something from them. This is going to work.

Life wants us to be the winners. It also desires to give us all that we want. Also, to receive our wildest dreams, we need to give first. So, giving will open all doors. It will change our energy, vibration or will to meet with the energy of the things we want. We will become magnets for awesome and good things.

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1 comment

Sakib January 18, 2019 - 8:44 pm

I think the best thing anyone can give is a hug.


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