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9 Types Of Pain That Are Directly Related To Your Psychological State: Shoulder Pain – Heavy Emotional Burden!

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by Conscious Reminder

1. Headaches 

Being under a lot of stress and pressure can lead to strong headaches and even migraines.

Take some time just for yourself. Do something that makes you happy, like a hobby or sports and it will help you relax and blow off some steam.

2. Neck pain

If you are feeling pain and tension in your neck, it may be hard for you to forgive yourself or others.

Think about what you love in others and try to see the positive in people!

3. Shoulder pain

If there is no particular reason to feel shoulder pain, like an injury or a surgery, it may mean that you have been carrying a lot of heavy emotional burden.

Focus on finding proactive solutions for your problems and let other to take over some of this burden; let them be responsible for their own actions and the consequences of them.

4. Upper back pain

Feeling strong and constant pain in your upper back might be a sign of a lack of emotional support.

You might feel unloved and undesired.

If you’re single, it might be time to go out on a date. Young, single and ready to mingle,right?!

5. Lower back pain

Are you having financial problems? Pain in the lower part of your back might mean that you are preoccupied with money and financial stability.

It may be time to ask for a raise or to start using a financial planner.

6. Elbow pain

Feeling pain in your elbows that hasn’t been caused by an injury means that you are resisting change in your life .

If your arms are stiff, your life might be stiff as well.

It’s probably time to start making compromises and shake things up.

7. Hands and arms pain

Pain in your hands might be a sign that you have communication issues.

Be open to new friendships and partnerships. Invite a co-worker over for lunch or dinner and make new connections.

8. Hips pain

The pain in the hips tells you that you are too scared to move forward.

Pain in the hips may indicate that you have resistance to change.

Maybe you are overly careful when making decisions .

9. Knees Pain

Pain in the knee may point to having to big of an ego and too much self-esteem.

Be humble. Help people in need and do some volunteer work.

Remember, you’re just a mortal.

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