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How To Sense Your Own Energy

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How do you begin to sense your energy?

Sensing your energy has a lot to do with awareness.

When you are aware of something, you can feel it.

To start sensing your energy, you begin with your body.

Energy Body Awareness

Energy Body Awareness is a practice to become aware of your body.

It is the most recommended for achieving balance in life and elevating your vibration.

Through Energy Body Awareness, not only can you sense your energy in your body but also awaken the energy centers.

It contains 26 vital centers in the human body:

  1. Soles of feet -2
  2. Calves -2
  3. Thighs -2
  4. Genital Organ -1
  5. Navel -1
  6. Heart -1
  7. Lungs -2
  8. Shoulders -2
  9. Right palm and hand -2
  10. Left palm and hand -2
  11. Eyes -2
  12. Ears -2
  13. Mouth -1
  14. Nose -1
  15. Eyebrows -1

Add them up and you have 26.

You may, in fact, know about these body parts but never had you reflect and become aware of them.

We are too busy in our daily life to pay attention to our vital centers.

Only when it is relevant do we realize that we have them.

For example, you only give attention to your soles because you stepped on a nail.

This pain makes you aware that your feet exists.

Otherwise, it becomes irrelevant in your daily life.

But if you pay regular attention to all your body parts, you give energy to that part.

Once we do, we will restrengthen these energy centers in our body and you will grow healthier.

This allows you to have proper circulation in your energy body.

Benefits of Energy Body Awareness

Give attention to your body and you give body energy.

Because energy follows attention, your attention strengthens the energy flow in the body.

This allows you to develop a powerful aura that attracts you a successful life.

Also, you can get rid of diseases or pain in your body.

This includes chronic diseases such as anemia, gout, headache, indigestion disorders, etc.

If you have a headache, you can get rid of the pain in a matter of seconds.

And above all, you have better control of your energy.

How to Do Energy Body Awareness for Sensing Energy

Practice when you are relaxed or in the alpha state consciousness.

This usually happens right before sleep or right when you get up in the morning.

Be in a comfortable and quiet environment. Wear loose clothes.

Now stretch yourself straight on the bed.

Drop the body loose and limp, relaxed.

Your body should be so relaxed that you are practically dead (or play dead).

Your limbs should have no strength left to move at all.

This is called “Shavasana”, the corpse pose.

Now breathe deeply and gradually.

As you are relaxed and breathing, begin to focus with full devotion on the 26 vital centers.

Start with 20 seconds for each part of your body – soles, calves, thighs, genital organ, navel, etc.

Do it specifically in that order. It should be relatively easy if you think of it as moving from the feet up.

As you focus on the body part, affirm that you are activating the energy center.

This helps to get your subconscious to work for you in bringing energy there.

Once you reach 26 centers from the feet to the head, you should go ahead and do it again from head  to your soles.

You will then completed one sequence of Energy Body Awareness.

At the end you should feel lighter as if you are floating on a cloud.

Your mind is more carefree, relaxed and energized.

Each time you practice it, you will feel more energy, enthusiasm, and power over flowing your body.

You’ll develop an attractive and powerful aura that allows you to influence people sooner than expected.

Energy Body Awareness Obstacles You Will Encounter

Though the steps are simple, it is not an easy practice.

You will, at times, encounter some obstacles.

Here are the 5 obstacles you will face during Energy Body Awareness.

  • Can’t Concentrate: your mind will refuse to concentrate. It will wander off in too many random thoughts. Meditation should help in lessening the thoughts.
  • Mind Slip: After concentrating, your mind slips into something else. That is why we should devote 20 seconds to the body part.
  • Forgetting The Vital Center: you may forget the order of the vital center or missed one of the 26 centers. Then upon messing up, you get confused and you are no longer relaxed. Just let it go and go back to it later.
  • Falling Asleep: your body is so relaxed that you fell asleep. And then when you wake up, you forget everything about it. You can put a pillow on top of your head so that you don’t fall asleep. If you continue to sleep, you may have to sit instead.
  • Over Passive: you are so relaxed that after one sequence, you don’t feel like getting up. In this situation just allow the body to remain and get up in its own time.

Sensing Your Aura

Another part of sensing your energy is to sense your aura.

This is the invisible part of your body which extends 2 to 3 ft. from the body.

To sense your aura, you must focus on the outline of your body.

Have you ever felt being watched from behind?

It is similar to that feeling but without the creepy vibe.

So you are not focusing on your neck but 2 inches from the neck – which is the empty space.

Have you heard of Dragon Ball Z?

Even though it’s an anime (a japanese cartoon show), the idea behind it is inspired by real energy.

Think about the aura around the character’s body.

Do the same for yourself and you will begin to sense your own energy field.

In time, you will be able to automatically sense your whole aura.

When you can sense your aura, you will be able to sense the auras of others.

People’s intentions are readily clear in their aura and you will feel them as well.

Feeling Your Emotions

Having awareness of your body parts and aura will allow you to sense your energy, but that energy has no colour.

It will always feel the same.

But when you add emotions, the colour changes.

So whenever you feel angry, sadness, or joy, become aware of that feeling in your body.

Like a gut feeling, these emotions have a specific body part for you to feel.

Find them and you can control them.

You can intensify it, lessen it, add or take it away.

Last Thoughts on Sensing Energy

When you are really starting with sensing energy, you might not feel anything at all.

That is okay. You don’t need to sense anything for you to know that it works.

Energy follows attention. So assume that your attention will bring energy there automatically.

And soon you will surprise yourself on how simple it is for you to sense your own energy.

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