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The Mercury Retrograde Of July 2019 – Are You Getting The Messages?

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by Conscious Reminder

Mercury would be in retrograde from 7th July in Leo to 1st August in Cancer 2019. Since Mercury would be spending a lot of time in Cancer, it is natural that this zodiac would have an impact on the retrograde itself.

Mercury is Sun’s messenger, as we all know. Its proximity to the Sun ensures that no messages from the Sun get missed. The Sun trusts Mercury. And since eternity, Mercury has been upholding that trust. But sometimes, it slips. It moves towards the dark side, and then dips from view. Remember, it is not because it wants to be mischievous. This is simply because Mercury wants to confirm that all messages have been passed and received. Its journey through the dream sphere, one’s subconscious and through pitch dark is simply to note if any message or information that has been buried or bypassed.

It is only obvious that the Sun would feel a bit lost without the messenger, although it knows how important Mercury’s task is. It will soon get over it, as it waits for Mercury’s return.

But this is hyperbole to your own condition. You are actually the Sun, and your Mercury travels around your subconscious making sure that you haven’t forgotten who you are.

In the event that you have, Mercury would bring that to the forefront. Notice how communications get disrupted or derailed? This is because Mercury is bringing things to your mind that are of more priority. You must go through them, in order to move on with your life.

Although different zodiacs would feel the retrograde differently, Mercury’s journey through Cancer would affect us all, in some way.

When Mercury enters Leo, we will need to take responsibility for our life. In fact, Mercury would nudge you towards realizing that you are the master of your life, and you need to start acting that part.

And when Mercury steps into Cancer, we will need to make sure that everything is fine in our ‘home’, before we start taking control of our lives. This is a metaphorical ‘home’ which means being one with oneself. Your mind, body, and soul need to be one, only for you to feel at peace, wherever you are.

One major theme of this retrograde is loving yourself, and we will tell you why.

Before you can start being your own master, you need to be free. You need to be genuine, authentic and in complete control of every action of yours.

You need to realize that no one has the right to control who you are. And that realization will only come from loving oneself. You need to be comfortable in your own skin, which will then seep into your psyche.

We all like to blame the retrograde for most problems in our life. But we do not realize that the retrograde is simply helping us focus on those aspects of our lives that we had given up on or overlooked.

It would give us an opportunity to go back and visit things again, and to realize what you want, or where you want to be, moving forward.

Since the Retrograde happens after the Solar Eclipse, we are given time to pause and see how we can best utilize the energies and changes what the Eclipse brought with itself. This retrograde, relax. Instead of jumping your gun, take a deep breath. And start building towards a more genuine life.

This month will have 5 planets which are in retrograde, which is definitely a sign from the Cosmos that things are different. You can’t simply jump into something.

Pause. Take a break. Think.

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