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Scorpio Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse Is Bringing Powerful Energies

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by Conscious Reminder

The Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse takes place in Scorpio on May 15/16.

This cosmic phenomenon is extremely rare but potent and is the sign of an ending. It signifies closing a chapter in your life and the journey of your soul too.

The name, Blood Moon Eclipse, comes from the reddish hue the Moon gets when the Total Lunar Eclipse occurs. This always falls on the day of a Full Moon and is extremely potent as it carries the weight of a Thousand Full Moons.

Eclipses can activate your soul’s contract which can bring forward events that are essential for your growth and evolution. Eclipses can bring obstacles in your path but they will eventually put you in a place, where you need to be.

The Blood Moon Eclipse: Carrier Of Endings And Closures

The Blood Moon Eclipse in May will guide you to close the doors on certain chapters of your life as it signifies closure, completions, and endings. This eclipse will be the trigger something that needs to stop.

The Blood Moon Eclipse will fall in the sign of Scorpio and you will find yourself retreating to shed your layers and transform into a deeper and authentic being.

The sign Scorpio is represented by a Scorpion that can shed its skin and transform itself. The Scorpio energy is also linked to the Phoenix as this mythical creature has the strength to birth itself from ashes.

You will get the power to do this for yourself and rise into your highest form from ashes. The Eclipse will bring ashes to you but will also promise that you too will be able to rise like the Phoenix and be reborn to fulfill your true potential.

The cycles of death and rebirth have become a part of life and such incidents are highlighted under the Blood Moon Eclipse. You will get your own journey to travel and will perhaps reflect on these cycles in your own life. You will also reflect on the ways how these cycles might get activated for you as the Eclipse dawns.

The Eclipse might close a chapter in your life but keep in mind that you will get the chance to rise from the ashes of this closure. You need to remind yourself that Eclipses will put you in a position where you need to be for higher evolution even though it might be challenging.

You will also find situations where you have to retreat to conserve your energy. This silent space will help you experience your awakenings and realizations about your relationships, situations, and paths.

Since this Eclipse is the carrier of closures, you might also find yourself letting go of something that needs to change in your current path, so that it can better serve you.

Eclipses are extremely sensitive so pay close attention to any intuitions. Mercury will be in retrograde under the Blood Moon Eclipse, so you might also feel a bit foggy and confused about how you proceed in your life. If such a situation arises, go within, try to be patient, and be at par with your inner voice.

Venus and Chiron are also in perfect alignment, which will send healing vibrations to purify you and heal your open wounds. Some wounds are not meant to be healed but this Eclipse will help you find true strength and balance.

Eclipses have always been our guiding steps, so set an intention and then surrender to these energies. You need to trust the energies and follow them wherever they call you.

It is possible to get caught in the mortality of everything but once you reflect inside, you will remember that everything is temporary and we all have a certain role to play in life.

There will be another Blood Moon Eclipse on November 8, 2022. These two eclipses will work together and will also carry similar themes.

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