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Balancing Heaven And Earth: The Importance Of Being Grounded

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In the philosophy of the I Ching, human beings stand with one foot in heaven and one foot on earth. Keeping ourselves in balance in relation to these two realms empowers us to live on earth, in the visible domain, while receiving energy and inspiration from the invisible sphere of Heaven. In this way, we can embody-bring into form-the divine, which is the highest potential of humankind.

Our thoughts, dreams, visions and plans are all aspects of the Heaven realm, and they are vital to our well-being; however, it is easy to become intoxicated in this potential-rich territory, and sometimes we find ourselves disinterested in more earthly concerns. We may dismiss the importance of taking care of our bodies and homes, forgetting to pay bills and return phone calls. The tasks of the earthly realm can seem mundane compared to the apparently limitless mind, but being embodied is what enables us to transform our heady visions into new forms, giving us the traction we need to create change in the world. This is why caring for our bodies, and homes, is essential.

When we surrender excessive energy to the Heaven realm, we begin to feel rootless and scattered. This feeling is our psyches’ way of letting us know that we need to get grounded.

Many activities can help us find our way back into connection with our bodies and with the earth, from creating art to doing yoga to breath meditation. Even the simple, humble act of doing dishes can bring us into a state of vibrant engagement with the world of form. This can be especially useful due to the fact that our homes often move into chaos during times of ungrounded-ness.

We can begin grounding ourselves with a simple visualization that strengthens our connection to the earth. Take a moment to get quiet and bring awareness to your first chakra, at the very base of your spine. At the same time, lift the crown of your head, elongating your spine, and imagine a cord of light dropping down from your tailbone deep into the center of the earth. Now consciously anchor it there. Take a few breaths, confirming your secure connection to the earth.

The resulting sense of grounded-ness is the first step to masterfully bringing into form our as yet invisible dreams.

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