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CANCERIAN’S : Turning Sensitivity Into A Superpower

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

In a world where being tough is a must and “sensitivity” is frowned upon and looked at like a weakness, Being born a Cancer Sun can be quite the cause for being misunderstood.

We are forced to manoeuvre in this world alongside so much harshness, criticism, mocking (poking fun) as well as mistreatment and disregard.

It can be extremely heartbreaking to say the least to be recipients of such covert and overt blatant disrespect.

I’m not saying this to play the victim card, nor am i saying that we are looking for sympathy or pity.

I say all of this because it’s about time someone did!

Cancerian Sun, Moons, Or Rising, I’m sure understand where I am coming from, regarding this very subject topic within this article.

Perhaps at work, school, college, even within our families, friendships and everyday life interactions, we might be the understated oftentimes introverted folk, who don’t like to get into conflict much with other’s.

We don’t seek the spotlight, nor do we seek to be the most loudest in the room centre of attention, This however can usually make us seem like pushovers, to some more stronger in character zodiac signs, However that couldn’t be more further from the truth.

Here’s some reasons why!?:


Cancer have this innate ability to empathize with other’s who are suffering or in need. We could almost say, this ability to empathize could be in effect a superpower.

Being able to put ourselves in the shoes of others and understand exactly where they are coming from. Incredible!


If you are familiar with the traditional tarot, then you might be aware that the major arcana card “THE HIGH PRIESTESS” often depicts and represents the Cancer zodiac.

Why!? Well because cancerians are usually old souls with infinite amounts of intuitive wisdom, which is an advantage superpower that enables the ability to offer sound advice, support and assisstance to other’s.

Perhaps you know a certain someone, who is known within your family, friends or work circle who everyone goes to to seek valuable and priceless advice from!? That person may be a cancer.

Caring And Nurturing

MOTHER of The zodiac is also another term to describe Cancerian people.

Because cancerians are so naturally loving, caring and nurturing, we can seem to come across as everyone’s mother regardless of if we have our own children or not, this may go for male cancerians too who just instinctively fit into with ease a parental role in many people’s lives. What a great superpower that is guys.

For female cancerians the Mother Hen archetype seems to be a given.

She will enjoy and cook the most delicious of foods for anyone who is blessed to be provided by such an opportunity, make sure to provide a wonderful home and family life, doting on and nurturing her Family, Friends and Anyone in between is the epitome of what makes he or she’s life worthwhile/worth living.

Passionate Devoted Lover’s: In it for the long haul

One downside to a Cancerian person could be the fact that we can end of going ALL IN to LOVE, while our romantic interests may not even be in it at all.

This can effectively cause a lot of heartache, because although a hard shell exterior,.our soft meat centres can be fragile and, it bodes well for anyone looking to get involved with or to connect with a Cancerian, to keep in mind that we are NOT the fly by night, one night stand, notches on our belts, shallow friends with benefits type of sign.

Craving stability, consistency, safety and protection, as well as reciprocal give and take love is what we’d like for you to bring to the table, if you are indeed interested in something of substance with this exceptional crabby friend sign.

That being said, here are just a few of my reasons why being a Cancerian isn’t all that bad and we can be proud of our superpower strength and continue to bring healing, love and blessings to a world where it is much needed (WHERE WE ARE MUCH NEEDED)

Much love! Namaste!

∼Patrice White

Patrice Marie White is a keen writer from Birmingham UK and lover and enthusiast of creative experssion and healing arts, Intuitive empath and an advocate for the rights of family caregivers(especially young children), Following the completion of her own carer (caregiver) responsibilities, and the passing of her mother and grandmother, she is gradually embracing a new way of life, building momentum doing what she LOVES, Basically Coddiwompling currently and loving it.

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