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Why Being An Empath Is A Blessing

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It’s a crazy world to live in as an Empath.

It’s hard because there are so many negative energies from others.

For as long as I can remember, I am easily influenced by the moods of others around me.

I even put up a grumpy face to say “stay away from me” and still I find random people who wants to share me their deepest darkest problems. When I walk into the park, for any reason, someone will be drawn to share me their woes.

I realized that this is because the suffering are drawn to the unconditional understanding and compassion we Empaths emits.

The only problem was that we emit this whether we want to or not.

Each one of us have one experience where we cannot take it anymore.

For me, it was one of those events where people mistreats you.

When your family asks a favour of you to do one big task for hours and then once you are finished, they don’t need it anymore because I took too long.

I was distraught at such an attitude. Though I was willing to let it go, one of my family member influenced me with her rage.

So I ended up doing something I regretted because I let someone’s energy influenced my actions.

There’s nothing fun about being an Empath. There, I said it.

It’s understandable that we think of it as a curse or something to get rid of.

But I know myself that being an Empath is a blessing and not at all a hindrance if we understand it more.

We want it gone because we don’t understand it

Why are we an Empath? Why are we given this ability in the first place?

The pain. The sensitivity. And the overbearing emotions.

I can’t count the many lies people boldly tell to my face.

Each time I feel it my skin crawl with disgust.

Once I confront them, they freeze like a thief in a cookie jar.

Then immediately curse me to hell with the most vile words known to man.

And I have to stand there and take it.

It comes with the territory.

We see the lies, we see the crazy, but we also see the healing.

Not only healing in ourselves but we become the medium to heal others.

Many do not understand the way we do.

And because of that, we are able to dig deep onto people’s pains and heal them.

We are strong enough because of who we are.

We were brave souls that signed up for this before we incarnated here.

You are an Empath for a Reason

All I know is that after an emotional suction, I feel their pain and tornadoes.

But now I have more compassion and understanding I otherwise wouldn’t have had.

I realize that we are more connected than we have thought.

No one person is alone and isolated. We all feel the same thing.

So even though it feels like we are cursed to suck off all the negative energies we don’t want in our system, we also get to understand others deeper than anyone else.

Perhaps it was meant to be for our spiritual path.

And if it is, then we should learn to embrace it and use it the best way we can.

Meditation Helps Me Balance

One way I can protect myself as an Empath is to meditate.

In meditation, I can look at my emotions more dispassionately.

This allows me to see where and why I have those emotions and to disconnect from them.

I realize that I can be compassionate and detached at the same time.

There is also the need to help others when you are an Empath.

So this means that I have to stop the urge to fix or heal the wounded.

If I keep helping, they will never learn to help themselves.

It’s also around that time that I realize that some people prefer to help themselves, to suffer, and to make mistakes.

Who am I to go against their natural spiritual inclinations to experience suffering in order to learn?

So I allow them the freedom to own their emotions so that I can own mine.

We can Fear our Gift or Embrace It

Any ability can be a curse or a blessing.

The gift of discernment allows one to weave through falsity and illusions to find truth.

But it can also make the person arrogant and blind.

So is the same with reason, teaching, prophecy, etc.

We can be afraid of some of the setbacks that come with being an Empath and never set foot in the same room with people again.

Or we can live the way we want to with the added benefit.

It’s a talent which reveals who we truly are.

As we overcome the fear of its drawback, we can embrace more of who we truly are more fully.

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