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Don’t Worry, Love Always Finds You After A Few Hiccups

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Finding someone who loves you truly isn’t an easy endeavor. It takes time, energy, and the heart to actually find them.

You can’t just expect to be sitting in your spot day after day and expect someone to fall in love with you. You can’t simply sit idle while they do everything for you and think that you deserve it all.

You need to work for it, you need to learn from your mistakes, and you need to realize that things as delicate as love can’t be hurried.

Understand that it doesn’t happen every single time. Love isn’t a plaything, it comes with a lot of trouble and hard work. Most people experience just one or two such instances where they find love to be true.

Else, it is all meaningless relationships that hurt you to the core. Meaningless they might seem, but they actually teach you how to grow from them.

The principle idea when in love is to realize that while you would do anything for them, you wouldn’t neglect yourself. A person who doesn’t love themselves can never experience love from others.

For, why would someone else love them? You need to let go when it turns harmful for you. You need to hold on when you realize there are lessons to be learned.

You need to keep thinking back to the mistakes you made before and form out ways on how to evade them. Love isn’t all about the heart, it involves the mind too.

You will heal from those heartbreaks, that’s a given. Time heals everyone, especially those who believe that all these mistakes have been a blessing in disguise.

Realize that these mistakes in themselves will lead to a more mature you that would understand the gravitas behind a relationship, and not simply throw it around.

As you heal, you look back to them, how they changed you, and actually understand the love you are made for. And then, you will get that one true love which would be like a warm breeze on a cold wintery night.

There would be no misunderstandings, no drama, no arguments, no recklessness. All would be well in your world because you would find someone who would fit into your jigsaw puzzle perfectly.

All you need to do is wait, realize, hold on to your hats, and don’t make the same mistakes again.

Although you should never hurry, time is still of the essence. So get moving!

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