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6 Traits Of A Misogynistic Person That Make Them Easy To Spot

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

This world is far from being ideal. There are many people who are hateful towards others based on their sex, gender, race, etc.

One of the most prominent haters that we find is misogynists and misandrists.

Misogynists are people who degrade women and think of them as lower than themselves. It’s a mindset best left behind in the 1800s but it seems like there are people who haven’t really evolved from it.

However, if you are in contact with such a person, it’s best to cut ties with them as fast as you can. Spotting a misogynist can be a bit difficult since they know they are wrong and try to hide it.

But some of their actions speak out louder than words which make it easier to pick them out of a crowd. Here are a few traits of misogynistic people:

1. Their True Nature Is Kept Hidden

They know that their nature is not appreciated by others, especially women. And so, they hide their ways and try to charm women. If you are attracted to such a person and get attached, then slowly they reveal their manipulative self.

2. Competitive

Most of us are competitive but many misogynists tend to be competitive for the sole reason of proving themselves to be better than women. They would not engage in healthy competition but rather to demean women and feel better about it.

3. Cheating

Loyalty is not present in them. They regard women as so low that they don’t want to provide their undivided love to them. Rather, they would have multiple affairs and hide it from you. Misogynists generally tend to have several lovers.

4. False Promises

With no loyalty comes false hopes. They will plan trips in detail but take no action to see them come to fruition. A relationship with you means nothing for them and so, they are least interested or invested in it. Rather, they would just keep you glued to them with their false hopes.

5. Controlling

Since they think of themselves as superior, they would often end up taking the role of a dominant controller. They would control people and ensure that women are kept in their ‘place’. That way, they assert their ‘superiority’ on others.

6. Selfish In Bed

When it comes to pleasure, they are mostly concentrated on having their own share of pleasure. They don’t want to please their partner nor care for her physical needs. Rather they see them as an object of their own pleasure.

If you know of someone like this, don’t try to change them. Most of the time, they are stubborn in their ideology. Rather, cut ties with them and match up with better men. There are many on this planet.

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