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How Hard Do The Water Zodiac Signs Love?

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by Conscious Reminder

Water rules over the zodiac trio of Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer. These zodiacs have the tendency to be nurturing, intuitive, and emotional.

The water element is very significant energy that encompasses their energies and lives alike. Another significant detail to note is these signs also have the propensity to be irrational, subjective, and too sensitive.

Water signs have the tendency to fall in the abyss of love pretty fast, and it’s not always easy to climb out of that pit. The feeling of a safe space is very important to them in order to communicate clearly and truly feel supported. All of this makes dating pretty difficult, if not near impossible.

Of the three, Pisces could possibly be the one with the highest sensitivity. It is due to this that they need to have appropriate boundaries so that relationships are easier for them.

Cancer, on the other hand, is very nurturing towards the ones they love, providing utmost support at all times. Conclusively, Scorpio might be one to take the most time to fall, but they certainly fall hard and strong, holding loyalty as their highest virtue.

Just like most of us, water zodiac signs also desire and require relationships. The presence of people who can lend a feeling of safety and provide emotional strength is vital to these signs.

The signs will be by your side come what may if you can give them the mutual support. It is when there is a lack of emotional support and safety that they go haywire.

Scorpios are good at hiding emotions, but any excessive negativity and sourness can be unhealthy. Cancer will be a lot more open to expressing themselves and can be the source of their own support longer than Scorpio.

Out of the three, Pisces can harness the surrounding energies to act as their significant other in the absence of a lover.

The water zodiac signs have the propensity to be incredibly romantic, oh yes! Even Scorpio! All of which can be attributed to the fact that they truly let their emotions flow.

Not to forget that they adore dreamy romantic acts and love affection, to the extent of yearning for it, always. It is true that they can survive without it, but that would be just ‘surviving’. Someone that can oomph things up will bring life to them.

Passion is no stranger to water signs. Their emotions channel plenty of it. In case there is no emotional connection, the chance of intimacy is bleak. Attempts are possible, but futile nonetheless.

Any casual flings here and there are fun, but that is all there is to it. Emotional connection is paramount to them. Their desires are significantly impacted by their emotions, not necessarily other things around them.

The most difficult aspect of relationships to these water signs is breaking off connections. The fact that they get too deeply involved happens to be both their doing and undoing. This is true even if it not immediately visible to you.

The zodiac of Pisces especially can really benefit from meaningful boundaries since they get immensely invested. But interestingly enough, they are also pretty prone to cheating due to their vivid imaginations.

Not surprisingly, however, they will forgive you pretty quick if you cheat. They are understanding. Cancer will cut off themselves from everything and everyone if someone hurts them. Living off alone is no big deal, but getting hurt is huge. Scorpio is going to be full of hatred and rage since they are incredibly loyal.

It should suffice to say that regardless of the sign you fall in love with, make sure it is someone who gets you and supports you.

Are you in love with a water sign? Share your experience.

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