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To All Of You Who Are Going Through Crisis: The Darkest Hour Is Just Before The Dawn!

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by Conscious Reminder

No matter how successful of a life we have, there will always be unsuccessful stages. Sometimes this is a failure that carries a lot of potential.

For example, a man becomes independent, and when he finally leaves the nest he has nowhere to live. Or there is a place, but the conditions are much worse; he has to pay rent, there is no hot water around the clock, there is no one to do the dishes for him. It looks like all the creature comforts he was used to in his parents’ home have disappears. On one hand, it looks pretty bad, but on the other one, the situation this guy is currently in is what will help him grow into a fine young man.

Or let’s say, there is a man who doesn’t like his job and he gets fired. Money is less, but there is that sparkle in his eyes. And that sparkle is exactly what will attract so many new things into his life.

Or when people get divorced. They go separate ways, they share property, sell and return things, but deep inside they feel relieved. And when the storm is over and the air is lighter, you know you have reach a completely different level of clarity.

Or people simply break up because they need time and space to deal with their inner demons, but then they start over with the same man, but this time both of them are different people.

In the end, if it doesn’t work, people experience heavy emotions and start living them: they cry, suffer and feel sorry for themselves.

Every next level is often uncomfortable, empty, lonely and difficult. And then, completely out of the blue, it turns into something warm, peaceful and harmonious.

That is why experienced people often rejoice when they see that you have broken up, divorced, gone, left, moved on or resigned. Especially if it is not an escape, but a step forward. After all, the darkest hour is just before the dawn!

To everyone who is in crisis – don’t give up, you are doing an excellent job! Chin up, tomorrow is a new day!

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