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What Tratak Meditation Is And Why It Is Good For You

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by Conscious Reminder

One common meditation for concentration is the so-called Tratak Meditation. This type of meditation is quite easy for practicing, and it also has a lot of benefits for us.

This meditation will improve our concentration, awareness, self-confidence, focus, and mood. Tratak meditation is an excellent stress reliever.

In fact, practicing this type of meditation every day or as frequently as we can is going to help us feel better balanced on emotional, mental, and on a spiritual level.

Why is this meditation very special?

Tratak Meditation actually involves a candle and a quiet mind. When entering the eyes, the candle’s flame generates energy or “flame” inside of us. Such energy will get to our pineal gland, improving its function. Our pineal gland has another name by which it is known – the Third Eye.

Hence, the candle’s flame will illuminate or stimulate our Third Eye Chakra in order to function much better. Psychics can find this meditation quite useful as it will enhance their psychic abilities like clairvoyance, foresight, and intuition.

A guide for Tratak Meditation.

First of all, we should prepare our space for meditation. In fact, it has to be darker, which means that we can concentrate our attention on our candle. We have to prepare pillows on which we can sit too. When the place is prepared, we may sit down with our legs crossed.

We should place our candle at about 12 to 24 inches from our eyes. Then, we should light it and start taking slow and profound breaths.

We should try clearing our mind from each thought. Our only focus should be the candle’s flame. We should also try looking at our candle as long as we can. It will be good if we start tearing. Tears will be the sign that the meditation works in the proper way.

However, if we feel that we have to actually close our eyes, we should close them, taking a very small break. Also, we should maintain a clear mind and breathing while our eyes are closed.

When some thoughts start coming, we should acknowledge them. Then, we should release them. We are not supposed to judge our thoughts as then we will move our focus right from the candle’s flame.

After some time, we can close our eyes, as the flame’s image will stay in the eyes of our mind. We should focus on our candle, the one seen in our mind. In fact, it could color and change intensity. We have to be conscious of every single change.

After that, we should slowly move our focus on our Third Eye Chakra. This will fill us with peace, and we should let the peace permeate the cells of our body.

Then, when the candle’s flame will disappear from the eyes of our mind, we will be prepared to open our eyes.

However, we have to be conscious of several rules. We should never open our eyes while we are facing south. Also, it is recommended even to rest our eyes on plant’s leaves after we opened them.

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