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Your Locks Are Not Only About Looks: Your Hair Colour Speaks Loads About You

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Our physical features definitely do not determine who we are, it is what we think and do that matter. Having said that, the way you look says a lot about your personality.

Someone who is extremely carefree can sport unicorn hair or even rainbow hair for that matter, while others will limit themselves to more accepted colours like shades of red and brown.

In the recent years, “granny hair” has been in vogue owing to the Jenners and Kardashians. Have you ever pondered what message your natural hair colour sends to people? What does it say about you?

Blonde Beauty

Kristen Stewart, Emma Stone, Jennifer Lawrence – each of these actors are naturally blonde. In fact Marilyn Monroe shot to fame for her glamorous blonde look. It is perceived that blondes are adventurous and outspoken. The stereotyped notion of “dumb blonde” is fading away. The truth is blondes are attractive and stand out easily, it is also noted that they get divorced.

Brunette Belle

Yes it is not rare like other colors, nor is it spectacular but here is the good news: everyone thinks you are trustworthy, hardworking and responsible. You are considered to be intelligent and are most likely to crack interviews. Studies have shown that you are calm and composed, which is why you can handle excess stress easily.

Ravishing Redhead

Be it light red or deep auburn, you come off as a hot tempered person. You are passionate and emotional, creative and extremely seductive. You cannot deal with messy situations and lose control easily.

Raven Haired Damsel

You look goth and people think you are pretty intense. You are insightful and love exploring the depth of the soul. You are also good at finances. Black hair is a sign of spiritually awakened individual.

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