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These Zodiac Signs Won’t Really Feel The Effects Of The Pisces Full Moon

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by Conscious Reminder

Summer’s over folks! And you might as well get used to that. For, Halloween is just around the corner, and before that, the Piscean Full Moon is all about bringing some major shifts in your life.

We know it very well that every Full Moon brings some raw energy into the mix, but what we do not know is that this Full Moon might not affect everyone equally.

You can as easily not be touched by the Full Moon, but the vibes will still reach you in different ways with the dreamy Piscean energy. You need to see that for yourself.

Here are 4 signs that wouldn’t get affected much by the Full Moon.


We know you have been working your b*** off, but now you should actually try destressing yourself. Work and all is fine, but all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

Try getting some time off, and go somewhere fun, or even do something fun. There is no point overworking yourself, and fraying your nerves. At least do it for the Full Moon.


Life hasn’t exactly been a bed of roses for you, we know. But this Full Moon will help you with some points for relaxation. Join a yoga or meditative class, it will help you out. And you will finally find what you are looking for. Inner peace.


This Full Moon is all about Venus and Mercury coming into your zodiac, and it is all you can do to not let go off them. Treat this second coming as a welcome back party.

Chill out this Full Moon, so that you can totally enjoy your birthday later. Balance is key, so try to attain that inner homeostasis that comes from inner peace.


Although you have worked hard enough, you can’t possibly understand how others actions can harm you. You can’t stop them either from doing it.

All you can do is cover your own area, which is what you should do. Communicate better so that no drama exceeds a single WhatsApp text. For, some people live for drama.

This is a great time to pamper yourself and respect your emotions. Virgo will help you with self-improvement while the Moon in Pisces will bless you with spiritual understanding to make you more compassionate.

Together, they will make sure you survive this Full Moon better than the rest. Have a safe Full Moon ahead.

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