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Full Moon Eclipse In Leo: The Great Mother

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by Nadia Gilchrist

The January 31st Full Moon eclipse (11 degrees Leo) conjoins Ceres Rx, so this conclusion or result will fully illuminate a mother/nurturing issue. The Moon is associated with mother, and when she unites with Ceres there can be powerful issues of pride and domination mixed in with mothering. This could involve your mother, you as a mother or something that’s demanding your unconditional love and support.

Moon/Ceres makes a confusing inconjunct to Neptune in Pisces, so there can be tension between the drive for glory and appreciation versus the need to transcend all that and be selfless. Is the nurturing really unconditional? There will be some confusion over motivation. An inconjunct always demands an adjustment – it’s not all about being in the spotlight (there’s a higher purpose) but this is not about being a martyr or making the ultimate sacrifice, either.

This eclipse will hi-light issues from Ceres’ North Node conjunctions on December 2nd, 2017 and January 16th, 2018.

Venus in Aquarius will make a wide opposition to this Moon, but I feel that she has more to contribute via the various aspects she makes immediately before and after the eclipse.

  • Jan 27th: opposes Ceres
  • Jan 29th: conjoins the Aquarius South Node
  • Feb 3rd: conjoins Juno
  • Feb 4th: square Jupiter

Opposition to Ceres: two female archetypes are in opposition. The mother (Ceres) attempts to nurture/create something she’s proud of, but she’s challenged by a different view of what’s attractive. This can be mother/daughter at odds, or feeling unattractive because you’re different.

Conjunction to the South Node: blast from the past. Old lovers/attractions can shake things up. So can old relationship/financial habits. What/who reappears may simply be a catalyst for change.

Conjunction to Juno: two female archetypes unite. The wife (Juno) joins forces with the female attraction principal. Apply this to partnerships in general, and you have a harmonious agreement about new rules or a freer approach to fidelity/commitment. No room for jealousy here – trust and mutual acceptance are essential.

Her square to Jupiter promises an enthusiastic burst of individuation. Rushing off into the future while stubbornly declaring your freedom. And maybe going overboard.

These issues will surround the eclipse, with the main focus on Ceres. Ceres feels like she’ll dominate, and Venus in Aquarius will be attempting to declare her independence. It could feature two different women, or two conflicting archetypes within one person. Ceres represents the entire cycle of nurturing, death and rebirth. So any neediness may be disguised as a dramatic display. Fears of loss could be quite pronounced, even if something precious is coming into being.

Ultimately, no matter what this eclipse brings, the goal will be nurturing with pride, or nurturing pride. Even if there is an ending (Venus and the South Node plus the Full Moon’s association with completion hints at this) there will be something brighter and bolder on the way.

As an aside, Mercury’s Aquarius ingress occurs on the same day as this eclipse. So you’ll also be receiving some fresh news or a radically clear discussion. Mercury in Aquarius’ cool logic can be a nice antidote to Moon/Ceres in Leo’s drama-mama. If the feels become too much, step back and think it through. And, pay attention to the facts.

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