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Instead Of A Zodiac Sign Tattoo, Get Your Birth Flower Inked

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Plenty of people get zodiac tattoos to show-off their sun signs as well as for the love of this art form in general.  While it is fun to have zodiac signs inked on yourself, it lacks that essential originality which makes each person special.

Either one gets the alphabet of their zodiac or the figure that is related to it. There is hardly variety there and hence we came up with the idea of getting your birth flowers inked instead.

These flowers carry special significance for each person and the beautiful floral patterns make for rare kind of tattoos alternating for the zodiac symbols that were earlier inked. Here is a list of each one according to the birth month:

January- Carnation: it is certainly not just a ‘cheap flower’ but comes in variety of colors making for a pretty inspiration for a tattoo.

February- Violet: This amazingly beautiful flower has a simple pattern and isn’t much complicated.


March- Daffodil: It marks the beginning of spring and is really bright to make anyone’s day much brighter and sunny.

April- Sweet pea: it is intrinsically drawn because of it delicate nature and is perfect for a watercolor design.

May- Lily of the valley: Simple and not so intrinsic. It looks beautiful in solitude as well as a bunch.

June- Rose or Honeysuckle: both equally exquisite and have a potential to be inked with as many color combinations as your imagination allows.

July- Water Lily: It is best outlined but it looks pretty even with colored patterns inside it.

August- Poppy: The red poppy is breathtaking and makes a day brighter than usually just by the look of it. It looks great when drawn without any ostentatious display of art. The original color retained and even the design taken from an average poppy flower makes it very simple and yet extraordinary.

September- Morning glory: These just make a great statement by their simplicity.

October- Marigold: Bright and sunny, they look great on shoulders or even wrists.

November- Chrysanthemum: No stranger to the tattoo realm, mums are fantastic when you want to add a splash of color to your world!

December- Narcissus: The number of permutations and combinations that can be made in terms of styles for this one is endless and that makes it stand out perfectly!

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