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5 Reasons Why Incredibly Smart People Often Lack Social Skills

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by Conscious Reminder

If you have been following the latest trends in the tv industry, you shouldn’t fail to notice that the super heroes of the new age are actually people stereotyped as nerds and geeks. These different from their small isolated bunch.

Maybe reading this will make you identify yourself as one of them, but I am here to tell you that there is nothing to worry about. There is nothing wrong in being a little ‘weird’. We all kinda are and there are excellent reasons why smart people find it hard to follow social conventions.

Here are five reasons the highly intelligent can seem as though they lack social skills.

High intelligence sometimes brings higher levels of anxiety

It’s been found several times over that highly intelligent folks tend to have more anxiety than people with less brain power. Not only is there an increase in overall anxiety, but also specifically in social anxiety. Anxiety, as you may know, can cause one to act irrationally and reclusive. Another aspect of this is the notion that the smarter you are, the more aware you are of what’s happening in the world around you, thus you have more to worry about.

They don’t like small talks

It sounds a bit “uppity,” but oftentimes smart people struggle to muster the necessary enthusiasm to engage in small talk and mundane conversation. If it’s not something they’re interested in, or something they feel they cannot contribute to, they’re likely to just not say anything at all.

Over-analyzing is their go-to practice

Because intelligent folks only speak when they have something important to add, they also place a bit more importance on the things that they say. Unfortunately, this also means that they tend to worry a lot more about what they say, leading to bouts of social anxiety. Others might think what they say is totally fine and normal, but in the smart person’s head, they’re going over every single word and response, criticizing and worrying.

They get overzealous about intelligent subject matters, which often makes them feel isolated

While it can be hard to get a highly intelligent person to talk about small things, it can also be difficult to get them to shut up once they’ve started talking about something they’re truly passionate about. Not only that, but they tend to be a little more aggressive and enthusiastic in their responses, leading many people to think they’re getting upset or worked up over nothing. The truth is that they’re not upset or even concerned, they just enjoy debating and discussing things of substance.

Avoiding conflict with people is not their strong side

Have you ever met someone who says things just to hear themselves speak? Who, more often than not, never actually knows much about what they’re talking about? Highly intelligent people can find themselves at odds with these types of people because they can’t just stand by and let misinformation get passed around. When they try to correct whoever is misinformed, it tends to stir up emotions, especially if the person being corrected knows they are wrong.

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