How The ‘Lucky’ People Use The Law Of Attraction

by Conscious Reminder

Every one of us has a person in our life that is fortunate as he or she has a fantastic job, an excellent partner or a beautiful home.

He or she is lucky when it comes to love, or finding a parking place. Life looks like bestowing excellent gifts on certain people while leaving other people gazing wistfully from the side.

However, not everything is down to fortune and luck. We could actually have good luck for ourselves right now.

Law of Attraction: What it is?

Well, the Law of Attraction is actually based on ideas that every thought which we have is eventually going to transform into a material thing – as far as it is real, true belief or thought.

So, when we focus on the dark and negative thoughts, we are going to attract dark and negative thing in our life or the opposite. When we think positively, we are going to attract only positive things. Regardless of the fact if it is happiness, love, sadness or hate, what we focus on will be what we are going to receive.

Law of Attraction: How does it work?

We should visualize our emotions and thoughts like millions of little heat-seeking missiles, which fly out in the ether. When they are finally free from us, they will look for something almost identical as them in order to become friends with or latch onto, like for another like.

When they have finally teamed up, it means that they are going to return to us, just like a huge human magnet full abundant of everything we were focusing our energies on.

In fact, they look like a group of excited and interesting puppies with the best stick in the woods to actually leave at our feet.

And, it would be excellent if we wanted that stick, but it wouldn’t be that great if it has been the love the person we have been chasing for so long. So be more precise. 

You could say it’s a pretty spiritual theory, deeply rooted somewhere in our Bible and Buddhism, but, science accepts the concept as well, so we get the best of the both worlds, I guess. 

Law of Attraction: Who it is used?

When we are frantically filtering our thoughts, we should be aware of the fact that simply as every single thing in nature, this Law of Attraction is undoubtedly perfect and it is going to occur no matter what – just like our Sun which rises every morning or like gravity.

This is not something simple like visualizing a considerable sum of money or simply appearing in front of us.

It actually involves retraining our brain in order to empower some positive thoughts, release negative thoughts, raise our vibration through practicing gratitude and meditation, writing down our goals, imagining and practicing what we would like to accomplish and remember that not every goal we have is going to be achieved just how we experience them.

Regardless of the fact if we look to attract physical or mental health, love, wealth or other things, this Law of Attraction may help us if we have the capacity actually to tap into that law.

For some people, the results may be immediate, while for others, they may be after some long time; however, training our mind specifically is going to give us the ability to achieve those results.

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