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5 Tactics That Will Help You Heal Your Defensive Ego

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

Ego, even when it is defensive, does no good to us. And if your ego has suffered damages, then things have gone too far.

Abandoning ego is the way to go but it is necessary to heal and repair your defensive ego before you let go of it.

Your defensive ego is much different from the ‘normal’ ego. A defensive ego tends to be more manipulative. It also tends to avoid owning up to its mistakes.

Those who are struggling with a defensive ego know how easy it is to damage, which, in turn, makes it all the more defensive.

While you try to protect yourself from its toxicity, your defensive ego ends up hurting you even more. If your ego has been damaged too much, it will result in apathy.

Here are 5 ways you can heal your defensive ego:

1. Accept Your Past But Don’t Be Stuck There

Your past experiences are part of your journey. Those are the things you have no control over now so why obsess over them? Don’t let them affect you so heavily, they don’t define who you are. Accept the things you cannot control and move on.

2. Unplug And Rejuvenate

Your defensive ego will always put a negative twist on situations. It will make you rush through every situation without allowing you to process what is happening. Life will pass you by unless you reign in your ego and take some time out every once in a while.

3. Experiences Are Our Teachers

A defensive ego will tell you never to admit your errors. But that is not how it works. We are mere mortals and every one of us makes mistakes. But what is important is that you accept your mistakes, learn the lesson from it, and move on.

4. Acknowledge Your Feelings

People who struggle with a defensive ego have a really hard time acknowledging their feelings. This is especially true when it comes to admitting that certain things have hurt them. Everyone suffers in life and it is important to acknowledge the hurt. Life is not perfect and neither are we. Don’t let your ego control your emotions.

5. Make Yourself Happy

Your ego will constantly show you the negative and depressing side of things even if it is not so in reality. So it is extremely important for your mental health that you actively try to combat those thoughts and keep yourself happy. Remember, the more you try to fight, the harder your ego will fight back. But you must keep steady and keep yourself happy.

These 5 steps will help you repair your ego. Once that is over, you can start working on banishing your ego altogether.

Mindfulness is your best aid in this process. Stay focused on happiness and ignore your ego as much as you can.

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1 comment

Greg November 23, 2019 - 1:21 am

Over the years I have discovered very few who really understand the ego when they write about it. The writer of this article does not understand the ego at all. There is no such thing as a “defensive ego” separate from a normal ego. There is simply ego. It is a fundamental part of human psychological structure. It grows and matures along with you as you grow and mature. It is the source of our self awarenss, our ability to set boundaries and to make decisions, and it is the gateway to our self-understanding. It is not an evil twin that is only interested in its own self-agrandizement and driven by fear. This is simply complete nonsense. If your ego is doing toxic things, it’s because you are doing toxic things and it’s time to take responsibility for yourself. Be very aware that it is not even a little possible to “banish your ego”. The notion is not just uninformed, it is absurd.


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