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Are Your Actions Rooted In Fear?

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By Traci Pedersen

“Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don’t want.”

∼Esther Hicks

Many of our actions and reactions are played out unconsciously, meaning that we make a lot of our decisions without much thought as to why we are making them. We feel an emotion or an urge and simply accept it and obey it, never really questioning why it’s there. In fact, many of us live with a silent burden of fear that affects all of our actions and choices. It’s like trying to function under a heavy load of bricks that we don’t even know we are carrying.

Essentially, all of our choices can be traced back to two opposite sources: love or fear. Indeed, sometimes our actions are based on a mixture of the two, but whenever fear is present at all, we’re likely to respond with some sort of negative action. And the more we allow fear to do the driving, the further we move away from love.

When our actions are rooted in love, we come from a place of spiritual fullness and self-security. Love gives us a deep desire to give from our spiritual abundance and foster unity among people. When full of love, we are not lacking in anything and have no fear that if we give to others, we will have less, or that others will have more. There is no separation.

When our actions are rooted in fear, we come from a place of separation and lack. We are consumed with self-interest. We live in fear of ridicule, rejection and failure. We fear losing what is ours. We fear that another person will receive more love, more attention, more success or more pleasure.

Living in constant fear is toxic to our energy field. It drains us and keeps us from being our best selves. Many people live with a chronic underlying fear that they aren’t ‘good’ enough (or pretty enough or smart enough or rich enough). Unchecked, this fear can lead to very low self-esteem or even cruel behavior. You may know of someone who is always tearing others down and pointing out other people’s flaws.This is actually a form of fearful, self-protective behavior — not unlike a wounded animal.

But fear isn’t always as obvious as outright cruelty. Sometimes it has a way of creeping into our thinking patterns well below our conscious radar. In some ways, this is even worse, because when we don’t recognize fear’s presence, it continues to fester and escape healing.

For example, have you ever stayed in a bad relationship because you were afraid of being alone or afraid that you’d never find anyone else? Have you ever continued to work at a dead-end job because you feared the process of finding a new one?

Sometimes fear is even more subtle: Do you make sure your lawn is mowed every weekend because you love the way it looks or because you’re afraid of what your neighbors might think if you let it grow a little? Do you buy brand name accessories because you truly love the style, or because you are afraid of what people would think of you without them?

Today, do your best to live consciously. Recognize the motives for your actions and let love do the guiding, not fear. And when your fear starts to dissolve, you will notice that your overall energy levels begin to soar. Not only will it feel amazing to live in this higher vibration, but you will be refreshing to everyone you meet.

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