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Astro Forecast For February 2019: Listen To Your Inner Wisdom

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by Conscious Reminder

The month of January was definitely one of the different new beginnings. There were two powerful Eclipses and high energy that moved forward, encouraging people to clear their space so they can follow their dreams.

There were probably numerous changes and upheavals on their ways, so with the start of February, they are still going to feel like they try hard to realize which direction this year will lead them in.

The energies from the Blood Moon Eclipse are still going to be felt while moving through February, but the effects it had are going to fade away somewhere at February’s ending.

As February is the second month of each year, the number two will signify partnership, joining forces and duality. It will carry the themes with it and help people to keep building the solid foundation leading to the directions of their higher path.

This month is going to start with a New Moon falling on February the 4th, happening in Aquarius. It is going to be a fantastic New Moon which will bring welcoming relief, particularly since the Eclipse on the 21st of January.

The New Moon will definitely be the most powerful one of this year, being full of abundance and optimism. People will definitely feel their spirits lifted or more hopeful when it comes what their future holds for them.

Out Universe will also support them, and they will feel some lightness moving around them. This New Moon will be a highly powerful and innovative one, so people can feel encouraged and motivated to step out of their zones of comfort.

This phase of the Moon is holding opportunities and promise, so people will have to do their best as they will set their intentions, get clear about what they want, without being afraid and worried to start.

There will be an event which is considered the most important and notable one of this year, occurring on February the 18th when Chiron is going to move into the sign of Aries. In fact, this is an enormous shift which will open new cycles of awakening and changes for everyone.

On that same day, our Sun is going to shift into Pisces, the last Zodiac sign. In fact, this is going to be an indication that we start wrapping lessons and themes up, the ones we worked on since last year from March.

There is going to be a Super Full Moon on the 19th of February, happening in Virgo. It will be a powerful Full Moon which is going to help us realize where we are now. Also, it is going to make health problems surface.

The month of February is definitely going to be an excellent period for focusing on self-care and self-love, so the coming Full Moon in Virgo is going to make sure that we do simply that.

For those that were not looking after their needs, the Full Moon can bring them a wake-up call, and they have to pay more attention to those clues and signs of our Universe and take the needed rest.

The month of February will be the uplifting one through which we may keep going ahead full of confidence. There are still no planets going retrograde, so that is going to fuel the momentum and keep people motivated and on track.

If people listen to the wisdom inside them and look after their bodies, souls, and minds, they can do whatever they want.

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