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Tonight’s New Moon Is All About Fortune — Prepare For Powerful New Energies!

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This Monday, June 3rd, there will be a New Moon. With the ending of the cycle of the New Moon in Taurus, the cycle of the New Moon in Gemini will start. This New Moon will be a time of balance and harmony taking place.

This cycle presents the chances to commit ourselves to our personal goals which express Gemini’s positive energies, and connect with the inner voice or determine where we have to back down or speak up.

The lunar cycle this Monday will not make some considerable planetary aspects. However, there are, in fact, two other different aspects in the astrology chart of this New Moon, which will bring with them good fortune, particularly with money and love.

In fact, it is going to join the fixed star called Aldebaran in the Eye of the Bull. This is an important star which will give us an unbelievable amount of energies and courage in order to use the opportunities of our New Moon.

During the season of Gemini, we all need to be really mindful, especially not to allow ourselves to lose ourselves in our thoughts, but get ourselves back in the present. It will also be the time to make our skills for communication better by carefully listening to other people and enjoying the viewpoints of others.

Gemini is also the ruler of our lungs, so calming our breath and taking time to relax into our lives’ flow are things supported under this season’s energy. Under the energy of Gemini, we will also be forced to get more creative and create things.

Gemini is not only the ruler of things, but it also rules our arms and hands, so we are probably going to feel the need to become more creative and even fix some things around our home.

Writing down our feelings and thoughts and journaling will also be favored under the energy of Gemini, so it will be the perfect period to do the so-called “brain dump” and even start writing a novel.

The star sign of Gemini

Twins are Gemini’s symbol, and a lot of people think that the main reason for that is as this sign’s energy is two-faced; however, it is more about the ability to Gemini to put themselves in the shoes of other people.

They love knowing. Also, they like getting every fact, and they are able to collect information from various viewpoints. They are talented communicators, and they know what is right to say to get the needed information.

Although this may be used manipulatively, it is their ability to simply tap in the story’s two sides and understand everything from different viewpoints, which makes them great storytellers.

The Twins idea is also related to listening and speaking. One of them speaks, while the other listens. That’s why Twins are able to develop a rounded and full picture of the things that are true and those that aren’t.

On a more profound level, Twins are also the symbol of intelligence which resonates from their brains and hearts. Balancing these two tools gives them the ability to get a richer and fuller picture about the place they are standing on and the path they are supposed to take.

The hunter Orion

This New Moon will also be aligned with minor stars in the hunter Orion. The constellation of Orion gives a dignified and strong nature, inconstancy, self-confidence, violence, arrogance, impiety, prosperity, and poison.

Two little stars from the Perseus Constellation also form part of his shield. Maybe these shields are those that give protection against the enemies or caution to protect what we already have.

Good fortune

Every person will have the ability to use the energy during the season of Gemini to reflect on when they have to speak or ask questions, and when they have to pause, stop, and listen.

This New Moon is going to be a lucky one as it is quite close to Aldebaran, the fixed star we already mentioned. It will give excellent energy, together with courage, which will work really well with the New Moon, the period for courageous new beginnings.

Aldebaran will bring success in war and business, too; however, it will also cause high anxiety or even danger from the enemies.

In fact, good fortune will also come from these planetary aspects during the Gemini New Moon, 2019. This will be a particularly good phase of the moon for falling in love or making some money.

We may make our dream become a reality, but just like our stars, some planets will also caution against over-optimism. So, we have to be realistic when it comes to deception and also be suspicious about some offers which seem better than they are supposed to.

Via I Believe In Mother Nature

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Thank you ,my daughter is a Gemini !!!


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