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English Heritage To Give Us The First Summer Solstice Livestream From Stonehenge

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This 21st June, you will be able to see the Summer Solstice from the ancient Stonehenge, although virtually.

One of the most ancient marks of humankind, Stonehenge, is surrounded by not only historians who try to find its origins, but also conspiracy theorists, who believe aliens had a part in its creation. Whatever be the case, the beginning of Summer has always seen a crowd gather at this ancient site year after year.

But due to the ongoing global pandemic, this year, many won’t be able to visit the site during the spiritual Summer Solstice event.

Fortunately for us, the English Heritage has decided to live stream the entire event. So, it won’t just be the locals, but the entire global population that will have the opportunity to enjoy the celestial event.

Though there are varying thoughts and theories on Stonehenge’s origin, many archaeologists believe that Stonehenge was made in honor of the Solstices.

While the celebrations during Summer Solstice at the historic site is more popular than Winter Solstice, many agree that Stonehenge’s structures are better aligned with the Winter Solstice.

However, due to the harsh winter conditions in England, winter Solstice celebrations have been robbed of their pomp.

English Heritage surprised everyone who’s interested in astrological events when they announced that this celestial occasion will not only be recorded but also be live-streamed on 21st June. The exact timing of the Sunrise will be at 4:52 AM British Standard Time.

Solstices are eclectic and spiritual events, which are supposed to be celebrated. The Summer Solstice is an extremely important occasion for the pagans and druids.

Journeying to the Stonehenge during the Solstices is considered to be a time of spiritual awakening.

The archeological site will reopen on 13th June in a phased manner. Only six sites will be opened during this first phase.

And keeping in view the pandemic related restrictions, the historical site’s curators will live stream the event, so that many can experience the Summer Solstice from the comfort of their homes.

Stonehenge’s director, Nichola Tasker, said that the staff members consulted the event widely and decided that there was no way they could continue with the celebrations while following the COVID-19 restrictions.

She added that instead of canceling the event, they felt it was best to Livestream it.

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