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3 Ways To Tune Into Priestess Power!

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We’ve got the ultimate guide to embracing your inner sorceress for a confident new you!

According to mythology, there are three female archetypes: maiden, mother and crone (also known as wise woman or witch), and it’s during this last stage, which we fully embody after the menopause, when we are most spiritual. “The crone aspect of us is our internal warrior, healer and priestess, and if we embrace this side of ourselves, we stop looking to others for direction or validation. We live on our terms – unapologetically,” says sacred feminine coach Syma Kharal.

Make magic happen

“Most of us fight the transition to crone,” says spiritual teacher Miranda Gray. “The modern world tells us that older women are not as worthy as younger ones (maidens and mothers), but when we try to suppress the ageing process, we miss out on the peace and self-confidence that cronehood gives us. Think of this chapter in your life as the ultimate stage of female development, where you gain amazing insight, understanding and wisdom,” she says. While you may be naturally more aligned with the wise woman in your later years, you can tap into her powers whatever your chronological age. “The inner priestess shows up every month, just before and during menstruation for maidens and mothers,” says Miranda. “This is a really magical time – use it as an opportunity to rest your mind, restore your physical body with lots of sleep, and let go of the emotional baggage from the last 28 days,” she adds.

Wake up the witch

As well as honouring her during your period and the menopause, you can also ask her for advice when you’re going through any major life changes. “The wise woman encourages you to ask: Is this really what you want? Does this reflect your truest self?  Does this serve your highest good? What needs to change? What needs to stay the same?” says Syma. “Getting you to dig deep is what the crone does best. She invites you to have the courage to ask these questions, to bravely face the answers, and to take bold action. The waning moon is associated with her, so listen to her guidance during the week leading up to the new moon,” she adds. A beautiful way to celebrate your transition to cronehood is with a goddess gathering. “Invite a few of your closest female friends (no matter what archetypal phase they’re in) to your home and ask them to bring delicious organic food, herbal teas, wine and a sacred object. After you have eaten, light incense and candles and form a circle with the special objects in the centre as decoration. Ask each friend to share a personal life lesson with the rest of the group and anoint themselves with essential oil,” says Syma.

Connect with the crone

Another method for bringing priestess power into your life is to create a scared space. This can be a corner of a room, or even just a shelf, which you adorn with crystals, candles and soulstirring pictures. “We can remind ourselves of the crone’s presence by keeping a ‘womb bowl’,” suggests Miranda. “This is a dish to represents your femininity – and you can place special things in it to strengethen your spiritual ties to her,” she adds. Syma suggests saying this magical prayer: “Wise woman, I ask you to show me the patterns of my past, the lessons in the present, and my best possible future. Guide me along as I navigate my inner and outer worlds. “I ask you to heal and uplift all areas of my life. Please renew and replenish me as I open to new beginnings. I invite your warrior strength, clarity and tenacity into my heart. I allow all that is not serving me to be shed, and to embrace the times of change ahead.”

Listen to your inner sorceress

When your mind is quiet, the crone whispers wisdom to you via your intuition. Tap into her guidance by meditating every day.

3 superwomen to call on NOW

Throughout the world the crone is represented in many magical guises. Here Syma details the most legendary goddesses to work with:

Hecate for a blast of happiness

The triple-headed, torch-bearing Greek goddess Hecate, who simultaneously sees past, present and future, is your woman when you want to heal from emotional turmoil.

Go to Brigid for everyday magic

In Celtic tradition, the crone appears as fiery Brigid, who is both healer and warrior. Call on her when you want to let go of those everyday niggles that keep you feeling negative.

Transform your life with Kali

Perhaps the most ferocious of the warrior embodiments is the Hindu goddess Kali. Often pictured with a sword, she is thought to slay away ego-based fears and delusions so you can live authentically.

source: soulandspiritmagazine

Meet the experts…
Syma Kharal is an international sacred feminine and spiritual coach, speaker and author. For more information, visit FlourishingLotus.com

Miranda Gray is author of Red Moon (from £9.27, amazon.co.uk) and founder of The Worldwide Womb Blessing – Female Energy Awakening. For more information, visit wombblessing.com

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