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Which Of The 5 Different Types Of Empaths Are You?

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

You probably see a bunch of articles talking about the different traits of an empathic person, but really, we’re almost all empathic people (unless we have a disability that prevents us from feeling empathy). Our brains are wired for it. So it’s not really about what traits make you an empath. It’s about how those traits define you as an empath. There are 5 major types of empaths. Which are you?

1. The Humanitarian Empath.

The humanitarian empath is one of the five special empaths. These people are often moved by the plights of others, even people who exist nowhere near them.

When there’s an earthquake a hemisphere away, they’re looking for ways to help. They’re often the first to volunteer to help the needy or engage in mission work in developing countries.

2. The Global Empath.

The global empath feels deeply for all of the creatures of the Earth, humans included. When there’s an oil spill, they’re the first ones to volunteer to help clean up. When there’s an environmental disaster, they do whatever they can to pitch in and clean up.

Their favorite holidays are Arbor Day and Earth Day. Planting trees is their idea of an awesome first date.

3. The Intellectual Empath.

The intellectual empath is probably the type of empath least like the others. While many empaths are focused on how others feel, intellectual empaths are engaged by how people think. They consider deeply the things that lead you to believe what you do, to think how you do, and in the end, feel the way they do.

They’re the ultimate understanders. These are the types of people you absolutely want to be president. They try their best to get what makes you you.

4. The Caregiving Empath.

Caregiving empaths are people with a propensity for taking jobs in the hospitality field – nursing, hospice care, and even reiki practitioners.

They have a deep passion for caring for others and healing wounds, physical or mental. They make excellent parents as well.

5. The Emotional Empath.

The emotional empath is often the type of empath we immediately think of. They’re able to read people like a book. They can tell what’s bugging you and, if they’re a little prone to intellectual empathy, they can figure out pretty easily why it’s bugging you.

You can try to hide your true feelings, but they’ll figure you out one way or the other.

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