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Today, Expect The Airy Aquarius Full Moon To Strengthen Your Relationships

by consciousreminder
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by Conscious Reminder

In the wee hours of the 15th of August, the West Coast will be able to see the Aquarius Full Moon. Its light will reach the East Coast a little later and then Europe.

It will throw into relief the bonds stemming from our hearts and all the desires we’ve kept hidden.

The conjunct between Venus in Leo and the Sun will show us our own core values and make us think about whether we’re actually following them. Since the Moon, Mars, and Mercury are also in Leo, this is going to be an intensely personal period for all of us.

Leo serves to show us how important it is to show ourselves to the world and let our light shine for everyone to see. It will help us move past fear and find the inspiration we need to truly elevate ourselves.

When we chart the course of the Full Moon, it is clear that there is a precise conjunct between Venus and the Sun. The Goddess of Love and Beauty, Venus helps us introspect on our time on this planet and opens our eyes to how beautiful the world is.

She shows us who we are and throws our bonds into the open. From her place in Leo in conjunct with the Sun and in the pearly glow of the Moon, how we’ve grown into our relationships is thrown into stark relief.

This isn’t something we’re actually taught growing up but there is nothing that makes us happier and feel more fulfilled than our bonds with others.

It is devastating that so many adults don’t know how to be in healthy and positive relationships and don’t think to ask until they realize that things are not right. We need to look at our lives and at ourselves honestly and figure out how and from where we can learn.

Venus also influences us into thinking about what we’re doing with our time and money. Think about whether you’re working on the things that are actually important.

Mercury entered Leo a few days ago and now that it is no longer in Retrograde, there’s a huge flow of innovation coming in. At the time of the Full Moon, Mercury is in a trine with Chiron in Aries and is squared with Uranus which is moving in Retrograde through Taurus.

The latter makes us more aware that we need to concentrate on making healing part of our everyday life and push all our thought process into becoming the best versions of ourselves.

From Uranus’ square with Mercury, we are encouraged to leave off old patterns and to form fresh neural pathways that are focused on care for the self and for the world.

Use this Aquarius Full Moon to start practicing meditation and self-reflection. Ask for help so that you get to see how your own subconscious is working. Don’t be surprised if a few revelations come your way.

You’ll even find that your artistic genius is in full flow. The unexpected might happen but it is precisely what we need at the moment.

Eris is in Trine with the Moon and with Pluto too. This celestial body has strong feminine fighter energy which calls to the femininity that is inherent in everyone. We find ourselves drawn to the truth and more willing to defend it.

Pluto helps us yield and let go of the past so that we can grow into who we are meant to be. This takes a lot of bravery and strength but we need to trust ourselves and the love that the Universe has for us.

It is time that we took a bold step forward into the evolutionary path that Life has laid out and into all the power and love that it has to offer.

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