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The Quesiti – 8 Steps For Growth And Change

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The Quesiti are dynamic formulas, themes that can be used for meditation and also applied in everyday life. Their formulation is the result of the collective achievements of Damanhur, but each person can interpret them according to their own talents and characteristics.

The First Quesito emphasizes the importance of action and choice, to live life fully and with purity of intentions.

The Second Quesito calls for constancy and continuity, to give meaning and importance to choices that have been made, and it emphasizes the importance of keeping one’s word.

The Third Quesito calls for a change in logic to welcome new visions of self, of life and of the sacred dimension of existence. This is the first step in creating a civilization and culture.

The Fourth Quesito, specifically feminine, encourages men and women to discover their feminine side, openness and availability and the profound awareness of representing a stable element of union.

The Fifth Quesito brings attention to the masculine energies present in each one of us, to the capacity to live in constant and harmonious inner revolution.

The Sixth Quesito invites us to unite the masculine and feminine principles within ourselves, to activate our power of creation, not only of life itself, but also of its representations through art and creativity, generosity and kindness.

The Seventh Quesito calls for the use of the doubt and adaptability as research tools to abandon all dogmas and certainties, to discover what is true inside of us, beyond appearances.

Finally, the Eighth Quesito invites projecting our attention towards others. It speaks of Love and teaching as instruments to transform the world around us; study as spiritual necessity; the irreversible choice of our own ideals, to achieve the reawakening of our divine principle and be “in the service to the world.”

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