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Venus Starts Her Reign In Taurus On May 15th: Becoming Your True Self

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by Conscious Reminder

Venus will be entering Taurus on 15th May. Venus rules both Libra and Taurus and so, it will be pleased to enter its home sign.

In Taurus, Venus will bring the richness of love and beauty. It will bring on all kinds of positive things in our financial state, external and internal beauty and the surrounding ourselves with the best things in life.

When Venus is in Taurus, it will bring alignment of our inner side with the outer world, especially in terms of joy and beauty. Feel the place you are in and be happy – wear your best clothes and enter into a part you love. Look around, are you surrounded by joy or cruel memories? Time to clear the mess.

Venus will want you to be happy with yourself, comfortable in your own skin. True comfort can only appear to you if you give up on judging your self-esteem by material things.

Comfort should come from within. So, be happy inside. The planets will help you clean up your inner and outer self so that you become a more wholesome and confident person through and through.

Uranus has been in Taurus since March and it is there after 80 years. Venus and Uranus will combine their energies during this time. Uranus will be staying till 2026 while Venus will move out by 9th June. She will come back next year. Uranus is bold and it will amplify the power of Venus and make it strongest, between the May 15th to May 25th.

Start looking within and search the guiding light. You may not have noticed this light before but now it is so much more prominent. All you have to do is be comfortable and engage in any new fashion that you have to.

Uranus and Venus do not like masks – so, you don’t have to pretend anymore. Shame and self-hate have no place here. Just shine and be who you are. Your physical body and mental state are uniquely you – don’t let self-criticism or societal judgments decide what’s good for you.

Beauty has always been in the eye of the beholder. You may have been teased back in school and right now, Instagram and other places might make you feel worse about yourself too.

Your physical appearance should not decide whether to love yourself or not. Remember, gaining weight or losing weight should not be the marker of whether you should love yourself or not. Beauty standards and fashion have always told us that we must fit into some specific standard of beauty.

But during this alignment, when Uranus and Venus combine their energy, we will be more into self-love. We are more genuine and authentic to ourselves and by that extension, to the world as a whole.

Remember, insecurities will only kill you. The world has a way to feed on your insecurity. It wants you to be uncomfortable about your looks and body so that they can sell you their beauty products or make you less confident than you are.

The world wants you to be weak rather than ambitious. If you can truly tap into the confident pools in your mind and soul, no one can stop you. You become the strongest and bravest person present on earth- the champion. So, don’t hide yourself.

Dress up and go out on the street. Walk confidently. Don’t care about how you look or what your weight is. Venus and Uranus will always be there, backing you up. You just need to accept the energy and roll along with it.

Become whole and yourself when Venus in Taurus pours their energy on you. Cheers.

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