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The Science Of Resurrection And His Ever-living Presence

by consciousreminder
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by Gabriel Sananda
Contributing Author, Conscious Reminder

Modern Science is beginning to understand the immortality of the soul, as energy cannot be destroyed.

On this same basis, why can the immortality of the physical body not also be possible?

It is simply, a refund form of energy western science is only beginning to understand.

Many may think of the body as compact, solid matter: but science now defines the body as waves of electromagnetic energy. Matter that has been dissolved down into photons.

The body is nothing but electrons and their subatomic magnetic companions whirling in empty space. Modern science can release them, and dissolve the illusion of solidity – but cannot reform the body was solidity dissolved, as the understanding of the energetic spin ratios is still being understood.

Te power of will, however, commanded by a realized being, who has communed with God/Source/Creator utilizes the will of the creator – thus the control of the electricity of the entire cosmos, to revitalize and restructure these particles {hence phenomena such as resurrection}.

We are beginning to understand the power of will, through such quantum physics experiments such as the “double slit rest” – where the attention of an observer {will} can collapse the wave function, and or alter the quantum mechanics of a particle.

And that is starting to be understood that the greater the intensity or will {consciousness} the greater the anomalies that can be orchestrated.

As Yogananda explains in his book, “Autobiography of a Yogi” –

“Masters who are able to materialize and dematerialize their bodies and other objects, and to move with the velocity of light, and to utilize the creative light rays in bringing into instant visibility any physical manifestation, have fulfilled the lawful condition: their mass is infinite.

“The consciousness of a perfected yogi is effortlessly identified, not with a narrow body, but with the universal structure. Gravitation, whether the “force” of Newton or the Einsteinian “manifestation of inertia,” is powerless to compel a master to exhibit the property of “weight” which is the distinguishing gravitational condition of all material objects.

He who knows himself as the omnipresent Spirit is subject no longer to the rigidities of a body in time and space. Their imprisoning “rings-pass-not” have yielded to the solvent: “I am He.”

“Just as in the exalted state of nirvikalpa samadhi, the soul realizes perfect unity with Spirit yet does not lose its individuality, so the resurrected Jesus”.

This yogic science explains how Jesus, and other masters before him {Sri Yukteswar, Lahiri Mahasaya, Kabir, Babaji} where able to reignite bodily atoms, using the magnetism of God realization.

In the words of Jesus, “If therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light”.

Another state of initiation in Yogic Practice, is when the life force is pulled inwards so to speak {not experiencing through the 5 senses} and the spine is at a state of refinement for the serpent energies to rise {kundalini} – and there is a conscious communion in the third eye, the yogi can experience all of creation, as well as the fleshly body in the consistency of divine light.

Precisely why Jesus could resurrect his body, as he knew and had experienced its atoms and subatomic particles were nothing but radiations of that Great Light.

Now let’s go into the Easter Story of Jesus’s Resurrection.

{I have written previously, evidencing Jesus as a realized Yogi.}

From a Yogic perspective, Resurrection is an initiation {Kriya yoga} where the soul unifies with spirit. The soul’s ascension from the Maya of confinement of body consciousness into the omnipresence of god/source communion.

When Jesus, attained oneness with the Absolute {after his crucifixion, through a yogic science of ascension – consciously leaving the body through the third eye – mahasamadhi} he then went through a process which explains the prophecy of rising again after “3 days”.

“Destroy this temple {body temple}. and in three days I will raise it up”

“3 days” was in reference to three phases of initiation {not 24 hour blocks}, required for the soul to liberate from the physical to the astral plane, and then from the astral plane to the casual plane, and from there the complete mergence into the omnipresence/ Cosmic Consciousness {this the process of Yogic “liberation” – there is much more to this}.

When a being transcends the three modes of nature (physical, astral, casual} – the cause of physical embodiment – a being is thus released from the sufferings of birth, old age and death: thee attains immortality.

“The soul encased in its informing astral and causal bodies, enters the physical body through the mouth of god – medulla oblongata – the potential of which is in the primary cell of life formed at conception.

It is the soul’s casual body instruments of consciousness and intelligence and it’s astral-body instruments of life force, mental perception and action that enliven and sustain the fleshly form” –  Yogananda.

There are also casual and astral instruments in relation to the spine that also form the physical nature of the body…

This is why many incarnations {sometimes millions} are required for a soul to accomplish this.

It is said, for a Soul’s involution to “liberation” is dependent on their karmic obligations – they have to transcend Karma on all 3 planes {physical, astral, casual} before they can completely merge into the omnipresence.

Jesus however, was a liberated soul previously, who reincarnated by the will of God, to serve humanity as an avatar and thus be a way shower that all beings can communion with God/source/divine.

This was how he was able to navigate and free his soul from the astral to the casual and then into the omnipresence.

This also explains why Jesus said to Mary Magdalene “Touch me not: for I am not yet ascended to my Father”.

“As Jesus was still going through the three modes of nature – until he was fully resurrected in spirit – he did not want any physical vibration with its material grossness to have contact with his manifested form that was highly spiritualized with astral lifetronic vibrations.

Such was the superphysical nature of the body of Jesus that Mary did not a first even recognize the form as that of Jesus.” – Yogananda.

So to reaffirm resurrection does not mean only the resurrection of the body, but the ascension of the soul from all three bodily encasements to live immortally in oneness with the spirit that is manifesting as the whole universe.

And as apart of this involution, one will the power of the creator {knowing the balance}, thus one can materialize a body and lock thyself in it, and then dematerialize {amongst an infinitude of possibilities}.

“Lo, I am with you always”

What Jesus mean by this – through the initiation of resurrection as discussed – as his body and spirit are immortalized – any devotee with unwavering blind faith, discipline and devotion can perceive or feel the presence of Christ.

“He has come to me many, many times – he appears to me, with his wondrous eyes in which universes revolve, emanating the Love of God/Source/Divine in the Christ Consciousness”.

And he will come to you if it is the deepest devotion to your heart’s content.

Pray, meditate, practice Kriya without ceasing – do no try provoke imagination – he will come in spontaneity to reaffirm the truth of Omni-Love.

Reverence of a thousand suns to Sri Sri Paramhansa Yogananda for guiding this heart sharing.

May thy love shine forever on thy sanctuary of they devotion, and may thee be able to awaken thy love in all true hearts.


About the Author: Gabriel Sananda is a Yogi who is devoted to the inner reawakening of self-realization. Thus his intention is to awaken the Love in all hearts, as he simultaneously remembers the true divine self, the Christ in all of creation.

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