What Is Psychometry And How Can You Use It?

by Conscious Reminder

Psychometry refers to the act of seeing something that cannot be generally seen. It is engaging with the energy present in a physical object. You might get an insight of the history of a physical object.

It can be associated with images, emotions, smell, sound or any sensory organ related to feelings and memory. Psychometrists can get such a reading by placing their hand on any object or by holding it in their hands.

How does it work?

Psychometry works by studying the energy that an object left behind. When we own an object, we leave a bit of our energy on it. This can be our vibrational side too. So, when we catch up on that energy reading, our psychometric abilities are re-lived or experienced.

The messages may not appear just there and then, but when you use the right method, you can see them. As per the laws of psychometry, objects which have been used a lot of times have a lot of energy stored in them.

For example, a wedding ring will be full of energy but a glove worn once will have minimal energy.

Are there psychometric abilities present within you?

Generally, empaths can be great psychometry readers. Especially, if they are gifted with clairsentience. Some signs which show that you have psychometric abilities are:

• Antiques give a lot of energy

• You fail to use second-hand furniture

• You are uncomfortable in rooms with many objects inside it

• You can’t wear second-hand jewelry or clothes

• You feel confused in pawn shops.

• If you pick up a second-hand object, you feel like you must wash your hands.

How to do it?

Every skill requires practice to gain perfection. You can do psychometric reading in the following ways:

1. Clean your hands so that other energies don’t disrupt the object’s energy.

2. Rub the hands to warm up your energy.

3. Now test if you have the ‘energy reading ability’ in your palms. Face your palms towards each other and then, slowly pull them away. When you keep them at a quarter-inch distance from each other, you might feel a thickness between the palms. That’s the energy. You are set to go forward.

4. Hold the object in your palm. It’s advisable to pick up something personal and close to you. Keep it small. It’s also good to pick up an object which is not owned by someone close. Maybe, a ring of your friend’s aunt.

5. Stay calm and relaxed.

6. Let the memories and images flow through you.

You can ask certain question to set things going:

• Who can be the owner of the object?

• Can I understand the personality of the owner?

• What were the owner’s experiences?

• Is the owner alive or has the owner passed away?

You don’t have to use your psychometric skills on things worn by people alone. You can also use it on graves or photographs.

A few more tips are:

• If at first, you fail, don’t give up. Many famous psychometrists have gone through failures.

• Don’t judge the different impressions that you get so quickly.

• Even science says that psychometry can have a truth in it, so believe in it.

• Lastly, remember it can be really fun.

So, start reading the history of different objects and find out more about people you love. Apply your magic in everyday life.

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