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Tonight, Expect a Focused New Moon in Virgo: Goal-Oriented Passion Is Burning

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by Conscious Reminder

On September 14/15, 2023, the Virgo New Moon occurs, making it the last New Moon before the Equinox and the last New Moon before Eclipse Season begins.

This New Moon’s auspicious timing serves as our starting point for the coming months. We can channel its power to consider our goals, intentions, and what we want to cultivate as we approach the finish line in 2023.

Six major planets are in retrograde as the Virgo New Moon arrives on September 14/15, 2023.

Under the New Moon, strong retrograde energy can draw us within and to the past, causing us to go back over things to ensure we fully understand where we have been before moving forward.

With so many planets in retrograde, we may feel as if life or certain situations have come to a halt. It may be difficult to move on or to know how to change a dynamic.

We may have to stay in the muck for a little longer before we can figure out how to move forward.

The Virgo New Moon prepares us for Change

This Virgo New Moon is the last before the Equinox and the start of Eclipse Season, so it lays the groundwork for the changes that are to come. While we will continue to feel the stagnancy caused by all of the retrograde activity, this New Moon acts as a turning point, lighting a path to help us release the old.

While the shifting energies will reveal themselves gradually, we may find it refreshing to be stuck or stagnant for a while. We may want to take our time taking in the scenery or soaking our feet in wherever we have landed. We may feel more adjusted, better prepared, and accepting of our situation and where we will move if we take this time.

Virgo is a grounded earth sign symbolized by the Virgin Goddess, who represents wholeness, inner divinity, and sovereignty. The Virgin Goddess who rules Virgo is independent, in charge of her own life, and fully connected to the divine power that resides within her.

We can channel the energies of the Virgin Goddess to help us navigate this New Moon period and remind ourselves that everything we need is within us. Whatever happens, the Virgin Goddess knows she will be fine. She is confident that she will find the strength, wisdom, and knowledge to face whatever comes her way.

On a more practical level, we can use the Virgo New Moon energies to plan, create a schedule, and get organized in our lives. We can channel its energy into a methodical and practical approach to everything that needs to be done.

The Cosmic Skies under the Virgo New Moon

Under this New Moon, Uranus, the planet of awakening and change, is active, adding a layer of instability or shakiness to these energies. When Uranus is strong, we may feel unsettled or uncertain about the future. This uncertainty will eventually spark an awakening, but we may not feel the full presence of these awakening energies right away.

Along with Uranus, the planet of dreams and illusions, Neptune is also active and retrograde during this New Moon. Neptune’s presence may cause some confusion, but it will also guide us to listen to our inner wisdom. If we don’t understand or can’t make sense of our external world, it’s time to go within and clarify our inner world.

To add to the confusion, Mercury’s retrograde journey will end just one day after the New Moon’s peak. Mercury is known as the God’s Messenger, so pay attention to any messages that seem to come our way around this time. Messages we receive around the New Moon are likely to have extra magic or significance.

The Virgo New Moon Energies

With all of the New Moon energy combining, it may feel a little up and down. While these energies are not particularly intense, we may feel disoriented and confused.

We will find our way if we return to the grounding energies of the Virgin Goddess. The Virgin Goddess will remind us that we are sovereign beings, free to be, free to express ourselves, and endowed with a wealth of knowledge.

We will feel more balanced, guided, and supported as we move through this Virgo lunar cycle if we connect with this rich earthy energy.

New Moon blessings to you!

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