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Venus Enters Cancer, July 31, 2017 – Love and Feeling

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Do you think emotional connection is a key factor for a romantic relationship? It is a basic question, but you will be surprised how many different answers you’ll get if you ask people this. 

Astrologically speaking, though, bonding and connecting on an emotional level with partners are more likely to be deep-seated needs for water dominant individuals. Emotional connection builds a baseline of empathy, trust and understanding that satisfies water’s primal need for reassurance and Soul-level intimacy.

But why is that, and what is emotional connection exactly?

As a Cancer rising person, with a 4th House Sun and Neptune making a load of aspects to nearly all my other planets (including Venus, planet of love, social connections and pleasure), I found this quote to be especially eloquent:

“[…] emotional connection is not just affection, terms of endearment, or closeness in day-to-day living.  Rather, it is […] the kind of primal safety you get from knowing that you are seen, valued, and comforted in your most vulnerable moments.” [source]

Several psychologists also argue that the kind of relationship we develop with our primary caregivers during childhood forms the blueprint for the type of emotional connection we seek later on. In other words, our approach to bonding in adult relationships is influenced by the attachment style we have experienced in our early years.

All that we have just described falls under the domain of the sign of Cancer, which rules childhood, caregiving, emotions and needs. These themes are going to come to the forefront with Venus entering the watery, security-driven sign of the crab, on July 31; the luscious Goddess of Love will gently lure us into an introspective exploration of our inner world, shedding light on the emotional dynamics that govern our way of relating to the Other.  Closeness, separation, comfort and interdependence are going to become important keywords to understand ourselves and others throughout the span of this transit, which lasts until August 26, when Venus will enter the more showy, self-centered sign of Leo.
Sure, Venus in Cancer might not be the thrilling, exciting love transit we were all waiting for (after all, there is a whole month of eclipses and retrogrades ahead to make up for that), but this doesn’t mean things are not going to get intense.

For those of us who are inclined to approach relationships through the lens of feelings, and for those who tend to prioritize other (legitimate) dimensions of romance, Venus in Cancer offers the opportunity to assess and unpack the layers of needs that motivate our romantic choices. Instincts, suppressed emotional hunger and, if present, the ingrained patterns that threaten to hijack our relationships might resurface, making us more aware of our sensitivity, and, most importantly, of the unspoken expectations of our inner child.

This serves a greater purpose: emotional maturation, and the opportunity to dive deep into our hearts in order to recast our emotional anchors and experience healthier, more fulfilling connections.

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