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Flower Full Moon In Sagittarius On May 29th, 2018: Time For The Champions To Shine

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by Conscious Reminder

This month’s Full Moon takes place on the 29th, a Tuesday. The exact location is at an 8 degree angle in Sagittarius. This particular Full Moon’s effects are going to be felt for the better part of the 2 weeks immediately following it.

This time, it’s not love, but rather competition which is in the air.  This Full Moon is all about polar opposites. Hence, every competition is going to be tough as a nail because your opposition will never be very easy going.

This May’s Full Moon is atop. The axis formed between the Eye of the Bull and the Heart of the Scorpion. The Moon and the Sun will be joining alpha Scorpio and Antares (the fixed star); and Alpha Tauri and Aldebaran (another fixed star) respectively.

This is going to be the time for the winners. So prepare to give your all to the competition because that’s the only way to reap rewards.

The Astrology

This May’s Full Moon is at 8°10’ precisely in the sign of Sagittarius. This means that it is well within the range if the fixed star Antares which is at 10°1’ in Sagittarius as well, right within the heart of Scorpion. The effect Antares has on people is to make them tough enough to face the difficult times. This star is also associated with people with military or similar affiliations. This star is known for imparting qualities of courage, at the same time as power of thinking on the spot and strategic acumen.

The Moon helps in enhancing everything good and positive about Antares. And Antares is powerful indeed. This star promotes broad-mindedness, philosophical thinking, metaphysical quests and can influence the world and its opinions. But there is also an inclination towards violence and great sickness.

This Full Moon is also responsible for activating a very potent polarity within the skies. Aldebaran, another very powerful fixed star located at 10°02’ in the house to Gemini, within the Eye of the Bull, is directly opposite to Antares. So, on the occasion of Full Moon, which is 29th May, Antares will have with it the Moon and Aldebaran with it the Sun.

This translates into a period of tussle and turbulence as both the stars are equally important and equally powerful. This will have a very significant effect on the politics at a global level. The opposition of these stars signals conflict, the kind which could start wars. And not menial wars, wars which could threaten global peace.

The Aspects

The Full Moon is going to be in a sextile position with respect to Mars. This will infuse a passion to do more and achieve more, both in the work field and for leisure. This is just the kind of push you need for a healthy competition. This period is also especially benevolent for intimacy. Whether it is renewing the passion with your current partner or finding someone new, you would be successful in both.

The Moon is also in a semi sextile position with respect to Saturn. This means there would be an inner battle between doing what you want and doing your duty. Even if you want to take split second decisions, the presence of Saturn would make you think them twice. As much as Saturn tries to rein you in, the presence of the fixed stars and Mars will influence you the other way.


This is the time to go full force towards whatever goal you have in mind. But don’t do that with reckless abandon. You should have a strong strategy to backup your plans with. Remember the rewards for winners are definitely high during this Full Moon, but so is the price paid by those who can’t make it.

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