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A Full Moon Has Powers To Change Your Mood – Here Is How To Make It Work For You

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For centuries, people have believe that the full moon is a powerful entity.

Both the Chinese and the Vietnamese have looked up to the power of full moon for guidance, strength, luck and peace of mind. They have designed holidays like the Mid-Autumn Festival or the Moon Festival which occurs on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese calendar to celebrate close friendships, unity and love for family.

In the Chinese culture, the full moon brings people together and symbolizes togetherness.

The Full Moon has some intense power that can take control over your personality, thoughts and behavior. If you’re angry, you’ll be angrier in arguments and if you’re happy, you’ll feel happier. This intense power is important to be directed in a positive direction making it essential for you to be in a peaceful state of mind.

According to science, the Full Moon occurs when found to be in accurate opposition to the sun. In other words, on the other side of the Earth. This occurs approximately every 29.5 days.

So, if the Full Moon has such strong powers, how can we make them work for us?


The full moon can affect you in one of two ways. It can shower you with positive energy and make you more driven and focused or it can break you with negative energy.

Before the full moon, the best rule of thumb is to stay positive. Don’t let negative thoughts bog you down. Erase every negative thought with two positive things.


We’ve all had those moments where we would like close to our windows and look up at the Full Moon. The light reflecting directly over us, ah those days, so many thoughts we thought! That was the Moon Bath!

Similarly, rather than doing it next to the window this time, you may want to do this in an open field and lie under the Full Moon. Let her love shine over you!


A calm mind will help you harness the positive energy of the full moon. Through meditation, you’ll become more self-aware. These personal reflection techniques will help you see your dreams and aspirations in a better frame of mind.

This type of clarity will prevent negative thoughts from over powering you. Negative thoughts only occur in two instances: 1. When you are stressed about something going wrong or 2. When you doubt your ability to complete the task successfully.

The deep breathing exercises found in meditation can help your heart rate and your mind slow down and find clarity.

So when the full moon comes, you’re ready to embrace her positive energy and use it to your advantage.


See the full moon as a fresh start. Let go of your grudges and other things that are holding you down. These past frustrations could be the reason your dreams and goals are still out of reach. Use mediation to identify your frustrations and use the full moon’s positive energy to help you let go of them. The best skill to learn in life is: forgive and forget.

By letting go of grudges and frustrations, you’ll be ridding yourself of unneeded negative energy. Don’t carry negative energy with you because negative energy won’t do you any good.It is heavy to carry around and only leaves you more frustrated and farther from your goal.

So the best thing to do is forgive and forget and let it go.


List out your passions and goals in a journal. Then, let the power of full moon kick-start your motivation. The full moon’s positive and enlightening energy can help you realize your true goal and purpose in life. Our life goals are often dictated by society’s concept of success. So is our life goal actually our goal or society’s goal?

The full moon can give you a sense of clarity and help you realize your life’s intentions. The combination of meditation and the full moon’s guiding light can help you find a life goal that is free from the pressures of society.


Clear yourself of negative energy and stack on positive energy, this will ensure that the moon won’t mess with your emotions. Instead, the full moon will strengthen your positive attitude.

Think of the random acts of kindness as a detox for your negative energy.  The power of full moon sees through artificiality and half-truths so let your positive energy radiate with every random act of kindness you complete.

Who knows?

Your random acts of kindness could even start a trend in your local community. A community built on generosity and kindness will last far longer than a community that is built on power and fear.


Make a date. Plan where you’re going to be and whom you’re going to be with when the full moon appears. You can be alone in a studio or at a friend’s house. Wherever your are most comfortable is where you should be. The friendly surroundings in combination with the full moon will help you radiate positive energy.

While you’re there, do something you enjoy so that you can take full advantage of the power of the full moon. When you’re doing something you love with the guidance power of full moon, you’ll be able to pursue your passions and aspirations with more clarity.


With scientific data, you can mark the exact date the full moon will occur and reoccur over the next few years. But knowing and seeing are two different things. The best way to harness the power of the full moon is to go outside.

Go for a walk or lay a blanket outside. Feel the moonlight soak into your pores and strengthen your positive resolutions. Admire the beauty of the moon’s natural light and imperfect symmetry.

The power of the full moon is strong and relentless. You can either ride the wave or get knocked down by the current. Full moons intensify your energy. In order for the full moon to affect you positively, you must be positive and calm.  You can even use the power of the full moon to find romantic love or strengthen romantic bonds. As long as you radiate those energies, the power of full moon will intensify them.

However, if you’re angry or nervous then you should proceed with caution because negative energy will be coming your way. The power of full moon will intensify your negative feelings and test your limits for overcoming those feelings and forgiving those at fault. If this occurs, then you should see the power of full moon as an opportunity to learn about your strengths and weaknesses.

The full moon has affected us for centuries but with scientific data on our side, we can now effectively plan for the next full moon. Get your planners out and mark the date.

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