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What We Can Learn From The Departed In Spirit

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“Perhaps they are not stars in the sky, but rather openings where our loved ones shine down to let us know they are happy.” – Eskimo Saying

When you lose a loved one it can feel like a part of you has also died. You may not feel like yourself or you may be in a complete state of shock before you can move through any other emotions. You may wonder if the grief will ever go away. You may also wonder if your loved one is okay on the other side and if he or she is still suffering. You may also wonder if your loved one is perhaps still around in Spirit and how you can communicate with him or her.

These are some of the common concerns and emotions of my clients in my work as a professional intuitive and spiritual medium.

I never dreamed that I would be a medium but when you hear the call to your purpose you have two choices: 1. Run or 2. Answer. I decided to answer and embrace my gifts as a medium.

As years have progressed in my career, most of my clients seek to connect with their loved ones who have crossed over. They come in seeking guidance, answers or closure. I don’t prey on people’s vulnerabilities and always honor my work as a medium. It is a sacred practice and experience for me and the client.

From my years of doing readings, there are some common universal messages I have noticed spirit loved ones want to give to their family or friends.

They may communicate to simply say, “I’m proud of you” or “I love you.” Other times if the relationship was challenging they come back asking for forgiveness and express remorse for their behavior and actions.

A story I will never forget: A client came in once and her ex-boyfriend who passed away came through profusely apologizing to her for how abusive he was. Prior to our appointment she had trouble sleeping and nightmares from that relationship for many years. After our appointment, a year later she came back and told me that her nightmares stopped immediately after our initial appointment and she had finally met a man who she absolutely adored and who adored her. I was over the moon happy for her and for the powerful work Spirit had done to bring her the peace she needed.

You see, when we cross over to the afterlife and evolve, we change too. We see life differently and reflect on how we lived. Spirit will go through a life review and sometimes work through karmic scars such as in the case with my client and her ex-boyfriend to try to fix what was done.

Your spirit loved ones will try to repair the past as best they can, guide you to fulfill your dreams, and send you messages along the way to show they are still around.

Here are some universal signs and messages the departed want you to know:

  • They can absolutely hear your thoughts about them and will try to respond in a way that will resonate most with you.
  • They are around helping and guiding you in your journey and want to see you happy.
  • They send people as angels to look out for you in their place. Did someone come into your life shortly before or after your loved one passed? He/she may be an angel sent from your loved one to help you in this transition.
  • They are okay and not suffering. They are restored to full health and life upon transition and no longer carry the body they once had.
  • They will visit you in your sleep and send you messages in your sleep. If it felt real, it was.
  • They may send you reoccurring special dates or number sequences related to them such as their birthday or anniversary to catch your attention.
  • They may also send you gifts through people. For example, a client’s daughter who passed said she would send a puppy as a gift to her brother and that would be her gift to them. Shortly before her birthday a co-worker surprised her with a puppy that her son absolutely loves.

If you are wondering if your loved one is around, try asking. For a few minutes before you start your day ask him or her to show you a sign or send a message that he/she is still around. Trust and be open to the possibilities.

You may even want to light a candle or send out your thoughts to them that you are thinking of them. Be open to the magic of receiving a message back. There are no coincidences.

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