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Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) – The 7 Most Common (and Creepy) Spirit Responses

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by Conscious Reminder

You must have heard the haunting voices of the ghosts and spirits on the T.V. Some of these voices are recorded with electronic devices and are not audible to human ears. These occurrences are known as Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP).

What exactly are EVPs?

According to Parapsychologists, EVP’s are the telepathic communications between ghosts/spirits and humans. These communications occur as psychokinesis.

Usually the voices of the ghosts are not audible to human ears but they are able to transmit their message using electronic devices. Simply by playing the recorded audio, we can know what the voice is saying.

Is this EVP a new thing?

Communicating with ghosts using electronicequipment is not new. An American photographer by the name of Attila Szalaywas the first one to attempt to record the spirit voices back in 1940’s. Later, he published his findings in the year 1956.

Since those times, the only change that came into this field is that we now use digital recorders to record EVP’s. Nowadays, EVP’s are recorded even with the help of smartphones, so there has been a recent boom in this field.

Today in this article we share with you some of the most frequently heard EVPs.

1. Help Me or Help!

This can quite easily be termed as the most common EVP (also the most disturbing). We know that there are a lot of souls stuck in situations from where they need us to help them out. The idea of so many souls being stuck in bad conditions is quite discomforting.

2. Calling Your Name

It may just be the attempt from the side of spirit to acknowledge you but it is extremely creepy to hear your name being called out in a cold voice by a ghost. Sometimes the spirit can call out the name of your entire team.

3. Saying Their Own Name

It is a very common practice among ghost caller to ask spirit the question “What is your name?”. Thus, it is not surprising to hear the name of the spirit in the recordings. Knowing the name of the spirit also helps in better understanding who they are and why they are stuck in this dimension. But some tricksters (Ghosts) can try to fool you by calling out the name of someone else, though it is rare.

4. Instructing You To Leave

This is also very common as most of the spirits try to stay away from human interaction and they want to defend their turf. I personally have had this experience where I was told by the spirit to leave but afterwards we had a detailed conversation. So, the exact reason for them to tell me to leave is not very clear to me.

5. Thank You

If you’ll compliment the spirit chances are that the spirit will reply with a humble “Thank You”.

6. Repeating Words And Phrases After You.

This usually happens when you ask them an uncomfortable question and they do not want to reply, so they answer by repeating the phrases that you just said.

7. Saying Something Right Before You Say it

This sounds crazy but actually it happens a lot. The logic behind this is that the ghosts communicate using telepathy and thus can read what is going in your head.

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